It’s been a little while since I’ve reviewed Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess. I don’t know why I haven’t reviewed it. Maybe I’ve been busy (or lazy?) and haven’t wanted to photograph all those cards? LOL. Either way, I am back. 🙂

I pay $15/month because I signed up for a 12 month commitment because that is a total STEAL for how many cards and products you receive.. However, if you have cold feet, you can sign up for a 6 month commitment for $18/month or just pay month-to-month for $20/month.

Here’s everything I got this month!

Flamingo Inflatable Drink Holder: I looooove this. I mean, seriously, it’s adorable. I am def going to give it to my pal who has a pool!

Open Your Heart Print: I love this print! I’ll be hanging it up in a place I can look at it often.

Have a Nice Day card: This was a cute pick-me-up type card!

Hey Sweet Thing card: I love this popsicle card! Popsicles are so cute. The inside says, “Hey sweet thing!”

You’re the Best card: I love the font of this card, and will likely be giving this to Matt because we are always telling each other, “You’re the best.” So

Geometric card: This card is blank on the inside and the pattern works for both women and men!

Pool card: I love this card because I know exactly who I am going to give it to! It’s blank on the inside.

Cuddle card: This card didn’t come with an envelope, which is fine because there isn’t anyone I am going to mail this to anyway. This will clearly just go to my husband, obviously. 🙂

Happy Birthday and Thank You cards: Has Happy Mail been listening to me? These are the practical cards that really should be included in every box! These are the cards that get used most frequently!

Here Comes Baby card: I have a few pals that are trying to have a baby, so I am glad I have this and a few other cute cards I got from Happy Mail to send them when the time comes!

Summer Stickers: These are cute stickers! I especially like the popsicle!

Hello postcard: I like this postcard because of its simplicity

Confetti: These was a cute little round tissue paper confetti pack! This would be good for sprinkling across a coworkers desk! There isn’t a ton of confetti but just enough!

Final Grade: A

I loved everything I received from Happy Mail this month, especially the cute extras, like the flamingo drink holder, stickers and the print. I also really appreciate that they included both a thank you card and a birthday card! You know, super useful cards! I think the other cards were also really useful as well!

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