It’s time for another POPSUGAR Must Have box! The August POPSUGAR Must Have box was a fairly good one for me! Both Jill and I get this box, and we normally review it together, but she’s working really hard to re-open the doors to her store, so I’ll be doing this one solo!

If you are just joining us, the POPSUGAR Must Have box is $39.99/month and comes packed with a wide variety of lifestyle/beauty/fashion/home and other fun items.

Here’s everything we got in the August box!

Baggu Duck Bag ($26): I read spoilers and saw we were receiving a Baggu bag, and in my mind, it was going to be one of those nylon re-usable bag. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it was a decently sized sturdy canvas bag with short handles and a long strap! I’ll use the heck out of this!

As you can see, this bag has both short handles and a long, adjustable strap. There is also an inner pocket that snaps shut!

Christian Lacroix Paris Paseo Sticky Note Folio ($13): I was initially kind of confused when I heard of this because I was like, isn’t Christian Lacroix a fashion house? And they are making post-its? And the answer is apparently yes. But I don’t care because I love office supplies and paper products of all kinds! And I think it’s kind of hilarious that these sticky notes are in this really fancy looking case and they are sticky notes! But I love it.

Here are all the gorgeous ombré sticky notes!

Cargo Cosmetics “The Big Easy” Powder Blush ($26): I was excited to get this blush because I don’t have a color like this in my arsenal. However, when I went to swatch it, it barely showed up on my skin! However, I’m wondering if it would be a bit brightening? I’m not sure? I might have to mess around with it, but that is why there is no swatch picture!

Triple C PowerGloss in Silver ($30): I was excited to get this because who doesn’t need a portable battery charger? And this is a cute one that almost looks like makeup. It’s perfect!

Unplugged Dusti Screen Cleaner ($5.99): So from what I understand, you are supposed to stick these on the back of your devices so you can use them to clean your screens as needed. These were kind of confusing to get but kind of cute I guess? When I saw the “Big Mistake” eraser, I really wanted the word “eraser” to say, “Huge.” You know, Pretty Woman-style. But alas.

Cookie Pop Popcorn Cookies & Cream ($3.99): I haven’t had the chance to try these yet because I sort of forgot about them but when I found them, my husband just had some dental work done, so I’m waiting for him so we can eat these together!

Final Grade: B+

This was a great POPSUGAR Must Have box for me! I LOVE that bag. Seriously, I adore it! I also like those ridiculous sticky notes and that portable battery will always come in handy! However, I could take or leave those little screen cleaners, but they were definitely cute!

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