Popsugar Must Have always nails it when it comes to fall boxes. Everyone knows the best styles are in the cooler months, so I always get really excited to see what Popsugar Must Have sends between September and December!



Price: $39.95/month

Box Type: 6-8 high-end products, a solid mix of items including beauty, lifestyle, home, jewelry, and accessories.

Why you’ll love it: Popsugar always has a retail value about 4-5 times its price tag, plus it’s a great way to try on-trend products from popular new brands. Popsugar rarely disappoints, it’s always got something for everyone.

Between the August box and this month, Popsugar is really killing it with the boxes they’re sending. I loved everything in this month’s – a rarity in the subscription box world. Since Lauren and I both receive this box (it’s one of our favorites), we will review it together! Yo know what they say, double the opinions, double the fun. Here’s what we got:


JACK & LUCY Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat – $58

Jill: When I saw spoilers for this, I though to myself, “I am never going to fit into this. My head is comically large, it’s going to look like a tiny top hat on me.” As it turns out, this is the my new favorite fall accessory! The inside of the hat is adjustable – no matter what the size of your dome is, you’re going to look great in this hat. I need it on the largest size, but it sits properly and makes me look way cooler than I am.

Lauren: Well, damn. I just learned this hat was adjustable, thanks to Jill. I never look great in hats because I have the eqaul but opposite problem that Jill does: my head is comically large. I think I look pretty cool in this hat, and I’ve never been a hat girl. (Check our Instagram later for a pic of me in this hat. For some reason, I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting, but I’ll be posting much more, so stay tuned!)


SMITH & CULT Lip Lacquer in The Warning – $22

Jill: I wish this lip gloss came into my life earlier. I’ve spent the past decade (at least) in search of The Best Lip Gloss of All Time and finally it has arrived. The gold microshimmer catches the light in a flattering way, the formula is moisturizing and long lasting, plus the color is SO FREAKING FLATTERING (and not as jarring as it looks). At least it is for me, a pale girl who normally can’t pull off bright red to save her life.

Lauren: I’ve always told Jill she can pull off a bright/dark color, so I am glad that Jill is dipping her toe into the red pool. I love a good red or gloss or a combo of the two, and this one is great! I’ve loved Smith & Cult nail polishes from afar since they look so freaking cool. I’m glad to have the chance to try their gloss – ahem – lip lacquer.


BRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask – $36

Jill: I have tried this conditioning mask before (it’s a popular item this year in subscription boxes) and I really love it. I’ve only ever received little samples of it before, so I’m excited to have a full sized tub of it. After just a few minutes your hair will be softer, fuller, and way healthier.

Lauren: I haven’t used this yet but I am going to wait for a weekend when I can put a ton of this on my hair and not have to worry about it weighing down my hair. I’m not sure it will but I always err on the side of caution with a deep conditioning mask. I also like to do these on a day when I don’t have to heat style it, since that’s sort of the opposite of what we were just trying to accomplish.


FLINT Lint Roller – $9.99

Jill: I wasn’t sure why Popsugar was sending us a lint roller this month, but when I saw it in person I understood why. This is a pretty damn chic lint roller. It’s not your normal disposable roller that will end up covered in fuzz and tossed the next time you clean out your closet. This is a refillable piece that’s meant to last and make pulling pet hair off your sweater more fun.

Lauren: I have cats. Three cats. To some, this may be too many cats. To me, I just need more lint rollers. My husband just started a new fancy job where he bought several dark pairs of dress pants. I handed him this pretty much immediately, so he could keep this in his desk in case of rogue cat hairs.


NCLA Mani-ER Tool Kit – $16

Jill: This is such a handy kit to have. It’s great to have all these mani/pedi tools in one place, plus the kit would be great to travel with.

Lauren: I discovered NCLA products via POPSUGAR when they sent us this amazing cuticle oil. I actually just bought another bottle of it because it’s so great and smells so good. Anyway, their tiny nail kit is perfect for travel or your desk drawer. (And tiny scissors come in more handy than you realize!)


THE GLUTEN FREE BITES Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites – $4.99

Jill: I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been excited about a gluten-free snack, let alone a gluten-free dessert. These, however, are super tasty and the fact that they are gluten-free has nothing to do with anything. I wonder how any mega delicious snacky things I’ve missed out on because I made snap judgments. Probably not many, now that I think of it.

Lauren: I haven’t tried these yet because they are not appealing to me. I don’t love coconut so I haven’t really wanted to bite the bullet, so to speak.

Final Rating: A

I really loved this box. The retail value is $146.98, a huge value over the box price of $39.95. The hat looks phenomenal, the lip gloss is top notch, and who doesn’t want a fancy lint roller (I mean, I do). We’re starting to see October spoilers already and it’s gearing up to be another great box!

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Jill & Lauren

I bought this box, all opinions are my own.
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