It’s time for the September Play! by Sephora Box!

Play! by Sephora

Price: $10/month

Box Type: This is a beauty box that contains deluxe samples (and occasionally full-sized) products that can be found at Sephora.

Why you’ll love it: Ummmm, did you see it’s all fun products that come from Sephora? Some boxes will send you random products from brands you’ve never heard of before but Play! by Sephora will only send you brands from their own store – basically all high end fun things you are excited to try! Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

  • The awesome products, of course.
  • The $10 you spend earns you Beauty Insider points if you are already part of their rewards program. (I’m VIB Rouge because I clearly have A Problem buying makeup.)
  • Each month you will also receive a card that you can bring into Sephora that will earn you 50 additional bonus points on your purchase!
  • The PLAY! BOOK outlines how to use the products, similar to the Allure Beauty Box Mini Mag

Check out everything we got this month! 

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer ($36): Jill and I have been a fan of Dr.Jart+ products for years! I introduced her to their BB cream (which is awesome, and basically introduced the US to BB creams in general) so I was excited to try this moisturizer. This is a great example of a really rich moisturizer that doesn’t feel like it’s just sitting on top of my skin. I feel like it really absorbs and this will be great in the winter!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Nightcap Overnight Perfector ($28): So this product has baffled me since it came out. Like, I don’t want to put a conditioner-like product on my head before bed! Doesn’t that sound like a greasy mess? So I put off trying this for awhile. Then I read some reviews and they said that it absorbed really well. So I went on to try it. The directions say you can use it on wet or dry hair. I put it on dry hair first and like the reviewers said, it absorbed very quickly! No mess on my pillow at all. But I think I didn’t use enough because I didn’t see much of a difference. The I tried using a little more on damp hair and my rough, dyed, heat styled hair looked smooth and nice. Now I understand why this product get such good reviews! It’s not something I’ll use every day, but every few weeks, I think this will be a nice treatment.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Shine Lipstick in Love Spell ($12.50): Sephora has recently revamped their store line, SEPHORA COLLECTION and have created an arsenal of products for basically every beauty need. In terms of this lipstick (swatched below), this color is not great on me at all – I just cannot pull off bubble gum pinks. My lips have a lot of natural berry-ish pigment so light colors like this really compete with my natural tone and it’s just a hot mess. BUT. I really enjoy this formula! It goes on smooth and feels really nice on. Since each one is $12.50, I might try a few colors that are more for me!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($22): I was SO excited to receive this because my brows sometimes have a life of their own. I remember using Cover Girl clear mascara on my brows for a long time when I was much younger and so this is sort of the grown up version of that. This just helps give brows a bit more shape and holds them in place. And the smaller brush (smaller than that Cover Girl clear mascara brush, that is) helps give you more control.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper ($20): I have used this liner a lot over the years. I go back and forth about it. (Swatch below.) When I get it in samples like this, I feel like the liner is a lot blacker and the tip is finer than when I get the full-size version. I don’t know why this is. But then when I get the full-size version. the line just doesn’t seem as black and I just get kind of frustrated. So I like this OK. I kind of wish I got this in a different color than black so I could try something fun! But, I *DO* like the sample-sized Kat Von D liners, so I am happy.

Swatches of: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper and
SEPHORA COLLECTION Rogue Shine Lipstick in Love Spell

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte ($95-$125): Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this separately, but you can see it in the first picture that has everything in it. I am a fan of Tory Burch perfumes. I have the full sized-version of her original perfume and a deluxe sample-sized version of Tory Burch Absolu that I wear sometimes. The Jolie Fleur isn’t my favorite of her scents but it definitely smells like a different version of the same core scents. I feel like people would know this is a Tory Burch scent. I definitely like it so I’ll keep this sample and use it and see if it becomes something I want to own! I do think it smells more like a Spring/Summer scent so I might file this away for next year.


Final Grade: A

The September Play! by Sephora box had a lot of great products that I’m glad to try/own!

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