Sorry for my delay of the November 2016 BeautyFix. Sometimes I get boxes that just don’t excite me so then I end up putting them off. I usually enjoy my BeautyFix but November was a little off.


Price: $25/month

Box Type: Beauty products with more of a focus on skincare/

Why you’ll love it: $100+ value in each box, every box is curated by skin experts, the inclusion of professional-grade and hard-to-find spa exclusives, mostly full or deluxe sample sizes and free shipping!

Here’s the box with the card that we receive that describes the products.

And here’s everything we got this month!

Avène Soothing Moisture Mask (Full-size- $26): I’ve been getting more and more Avène products in subscription boxes and I like some of them so I’m looking forward to trying this one now that it’s winter and my skin is getting dryer!

Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing and Refreshing Spray ($20): I don’t have curly hair so I gave this to my work pal, Wendy! She reported that it made her hair SUPER soft but that it made it greasier faster than she is used to.

This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray ($46): I received this in a Birchbox, and I’m going to be honest… I don’t like how this smells! It just smells… herb-y. I wish it worked. I mean, maybe I will try it again to see if I missed something the first time around but I think y’all would be fine just putting a few drops of lavender on your pillow and calling it a day.

Pangea Organics Facial Cream – Moroccan Argan with Willow & Rosemary ($40): OK, so this is another product I’ve gotten before (actually in another BeautyFix box) and at the time of my review of the box, I hadn’t had a chance to try it. And whoaaaa boy. This stuff is FRANGRANT. But not in a good way. It slaps you in the face with a fairly masculine scent and it’s so strong that I just can’t imagine putting it on my face again.

supersmile Professional Whitening Floss ($9): OK, I admit it. I’m not great at flossing my teeth regularly. I do it sometimes. But not daily. Not like I should. So I don’t always have enough dental floss on hand so I’m actually glad that I got this “fancy” dental floss. It’s supposed to be whitening but I don’t really know how It can be. Either way, I am glad I have dental floss.

Danielle Creations Silky Clean Facial Brush ($16.99): This is probably the softest brush I have ever felt. And I have felt so many brushes. (Do y’all touch all the brushes at Sephora or just me?) I used this to wash my face as I believe it’s intended (it even has that handy rope to dry it) but I feel like the bristles were somehow TOO soft to be effective here. However, I used it to apply some foundation and I think might continue trying the brush with different products because I really do like it a lot!

Dermarché Labs Biorewind PM ($125/full-size): I mean, holy heck. Look at that price tag! I barely care what’s in this but I’ll use every drop! Haha. I know it has retinol in it and is supposed to help with loss of firmness and uneven skin tone, as retinol does tend to do.

Phytomer Pionniere XMF White – Skin Translucency Cream ($247/full-size): LOL, I thought the last product was expensive but now we’ve entered the $250 price range. I have to admit, when I first opened this box, I laughed so hard at the description: “Formulated with a blend of biotech marine sugars, this cream covers every contour of the face and neck to impart a covetable glow and youthful-looking complexion.” I mean, I know the beauty would is full of bullshit and false promises but WHAT DOES THAT SENTENCE EVEN MEAN? Matt and I were laughing at “biotech marine sugars.” Whatever they are, they must be expensive. This felt like a nice cream but nothing special? But it was a very small sample, so maybe I just didn’t get enough of those biotech marine sugars. (LOL wut.) There weren’t any reviews on two sites that I looked at, which is a bit suspect, since I wanted to know what people thought! Have you tried it? Tell me!

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Fantasy 3-in-1 Eyeshadow ($19): I was so sure that I received this in another box and it was broken then too, but it must have been another brand. Obviously you can tell that it was broken so it’s completely unuseable. It’s supposed to be used as a blush, eye shadow and a highlighter. But it will only be a highlighter on certain skin tones, considering it’s almost brown. Hahaha.

TOCCA Beauty Eau De Parfum in Florence ($68/full-size): OK, so I almost always roll my eyes at fragrance samples but this was my favorite thing I got in this whole box! I have received and liked various TOCCA frangrances over the years but I love this one so much I put it on my wish list. I might actually buy a full size of this! As usual, I’m terrible at describing fragrances so here’s the description:

Florence is a fragrant floral feast combining Italian bergamont and crushed violet with bottom notes of blue iris and blonde wood.

Nūface Prep-n-Glow Cloth ($20/set of 20): This was a facial wipe. It removed my makeup but it wasn’t any better than the Target brand ones that I buy to remove my eyemakeup. So you’re fine saving the $17 or so and buy generic! 🙂

Final Grade: B

This was an OK BeautyFix box. I was excited to try some new high-end skincare products, even if they contained hilarious biotech marine sugars. (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?) However, my biggest surprise was how much I loved the TOCCA Florence fragrance. Who would have thought? And I love that super soft brush. (Seriously, it feels like a bunny.)

If you want to sign up for a BeautyFix box, leave you email in the comments below, or email me at, and they will give you $10 to spend at which you can apply to the cost of your first box. Kind of a no brainer when you see how much you receive! Let me know!

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