Guys, I am so possessed by the holiday spirit right now. I’m listening to Christmas music almost non-stop (what up, Kelly Clarkson Holiday Pandora station), I’ve seen about a dozen Christmas movies in the past week, and I’ve been walking around with the most annoying grin on my face just thinking about presents and eggnog and family visits and vacation days. I’m totally obnoxious at the moment (my poor husband).

This month’s Popsugar box was like the holidays came early. Everything in it was like opening presents on Christmas morning, each thing more fun than the next. They’ve been pretty on point lately, and this one was no exception. I love winter boxes!


Price: $39.95/month

Box Type: Lifestyle & beauty, full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: Always on-trend, always fun and interesting, always worth 4-5 times the price of the box! There’s so much to love about Popsugar!

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Check out what was inside:

Odeme Catchall + Ring Dish ($44 and $23)

Jill: I absolutely love cute little dishes! I always find a good use for them, and these are beautiful in person. I can see these working both as a jewelry dish and also for serving snacks at a party.

Lauren: I love these so much, too! While I love pretty dishes, I think that many people will love these and they will go with so many different decorating styles. They would also go great on a desk!

Baublebar Snowfall Pendant ($28)

Jill: I was not a huge fan of this necklace when I saw it as a spoiler online, but I like it a lot more in person. I don’t have much silver jewelry (I tend to go gold), so this will make a nice addition to my jewelry box.

Lauren: This was a POPSUGAR exclusive, which is kind of neat! I LOVE Baublebar. (Seriously, so much of my jewelry is from there!) So I was excited to get this necklace. I have been wearing a lot of gold lately but there are always times when I wish I had more silver, so this will be great.


Winky Lux Lip Pill in Bubby ($14)

Jill: I absolutely love the packaging for this lipstick! The color is like a nice berry color and looks pretty nice with my skin tone. A keeper.

Lauren: Like Jill, I love the packaging also. I mean, sometimes that is half the fun of putting on makeup. You get to look at all of your pretty things and then put your pretty things on your face.

Mane Message Date Night Bobby Pins ($10)

Jill: How cute are these bobby pins?? I am so excited to wear them. They are the perfect size to add a little sparkle without looking like a human party favor.

Lauren: These are so cute but boy, are they tight! They will definitely hold your hair. But will you be able to get them out without removing a chunk of you hair? Well, time will tell.

Dessange Professional Hair Luxury Color Restorative Top Coat Serum ($11.99)

Jill: I’ve tried face serums and body serums but never a hair serum. This is new for me. I don’t have color-treated hair, but apparently that doesn’t matter – hot damn will you have shiny hair with a spritz of this. I may have used too much? TBD.

Lauren: I have color-treated hair so I should probably use this. I’m actually probably looking at this stuff like it’s going to solve all my hopes and dreams but what I need most in the whole world is a HAIR CUT. Nothing will fix these dead, split ends I’ve got going on. But I will definitely try to see if I can get a few more weeks without one by using this hair serum! (Insert the prayer emojis over and over.)


Sisters’ Gourmet Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ($6.99)


Lauren: Yeah, what she said. I love cookies. I had 3 for breakfast today. (Not these cookies, but other cookies.)

Final Rating: A

How awesome is this box? The retail value of everything included was about $138 (!!!!!!) and everything was pretty great. The best part of this month was that if you don’t love one of the items, everything would make a great gift. Boom. Popsugar has been on a winning streak lately with their boxes, I can’t wait to see what they send in January!

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I bought this box, all opinions are my own. Post contains referral links.

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