Every quarter, POPSUGAR releases their limited edition boxes and while I have tried to get one in the past, I wasn’t ever successful. (Remember that time I tried to get the 2015 Fall box but they never sent it to me! I was so sad!) Anyway, back in November or early December, I saw a spoiler for this box so I decided to take the plunge.

Unlike their regular boxes, these special edition boxes are $100 each and are not part of a subscription. You can subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have’s emails to learn more about when these special edition boxes go on sale.

So… was it worth it? Let’s see what I got!

Check out this haul!

Simpatico Home Snow Hobnail Diffuser Kit ($48)

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a devotee to Pier 1’s fragrance selection but I’m not going to complain if I receive another fragrance to try! I’m going to put this in our guest bathroom for a new winter-y scent. I thought about giving this as a gift… but then I realized I wanted it. The glass bottle is gorgeous and has little raised dots all over it. I love a polka dot.

The Cambridge Satchel Company Tiny Satchel ($90)

When I saw spoilers for this purse, I thought it would be cute for my niece since it’s hard for me to use a tiny purse like this these days. I have too many Things. But then I was struggling to get it open since it’s not a magnetic closure. They literally just cut a line into the leather and shoved it over the little metal pegs.Ā And seriously – I work out almost every day and I struggled with this. So I am going to save this purse til my niece is a little older. Or maybe til I am stronger. šŸ™‚

Louis Sherry 6-piece Camilla Pink Truffle Collection ($22.50)

I love truffles almost more than life itself. (Especially these from Ethel M.) But I’m not going to turn down beautifully packaged chocolate. I might eat them in bed and pretend I’m a princess. And I may or may not share them with Matt. FINE, I probably will. But he ate too muchĀ of my aforementioned Ethel M so he might have blown it. šŸ™‚

Pehr Charcoal Muskoka Throw ($136)

So there is a story that goes with this blanket. This was the initial spoiler for the box and why I decided to get the box, sinceĀ it went with our decor. Then I had some credit at Pier 1 and decided to get a fuzzy blanket with it. And then Matt stole the fuzzy blanketĀ from me. So I went back to Pier 1 and got another one. (Also pictured.) However, I had forgotten that I had also bought a chunky knit blanket from H&M. Then we won a Cowboys blanket in a White Elephant exchange. (I’m sure you can picture that one.) So I acquired approximately 100 blankets this month… then this box showed up. I had completely forgotten about this blanket. The one that started it all. So I’ve decided to giveĀ this to my uncle for Christmas because it’s kind of utilitarian but it’s also cotton, so I hopeĀ he likes it!

Cargo Cosmetics Around the World Eye Shadow Palette ($34)Ā andĀ R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil ($24)

This was an OK palette. I didn’t swatch for pictures because 1. I’m lazy and 2. I’m giving it to Jill. I just wasn’t in love with the formula and colors. (I’m all Colourpop all the time now.)

I might try this or I might gift it to someone who has frizzier hair than me. Smoothing products are the last thing I need when I’m trying to get volume. But I like the idea of adding a fancy hair product called Tinsel to a winter box. I get what they were going for here.

Final Grade: C

Ugh, I didn’t hate this box at all but I feel like I liked the idea of the box better than the box itself, which is kind of a bummer. I did get a few things that I was able to use as gifts, which is always great. But I also like things for ME! I’m a brat! ME ME ME! Jill has always gotten pretty amazing Fall POPSUGAR Must Have LimitedĀ Edition boxes so if I try again, it will be next Fall. Plus, The Zoe Report’s Box of Style is pretttty amazing so I may be set when it comes to quarterly boxes. šŸ™‚

Purchased; All opinions are my own.
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