New year, new Book of the Month choices! I had a hard time narrowing down which book (let’s be honest, “books” plural) to get this month, there were some great choices.


Price: $11.99-16.99/month (save 30% on your subscription and get a free tote bag by clicking here!)

Box Type: Monthly book subscription! Choose one of 5 specially selected titles, plus add on any other book they have (even in their archives) for just $9.99/each (way cheaper than retail for a hardcover).

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Let’s see what the January offerings were, shall we?

For my January box, I chose Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney. It’s not released yet (coming to Amazon on Jan 17!), which is pretty cool. Lillian Boxfish is a charismatic elderly woman who has lived a high powered life (think Mad Men) and has many stories to tell. The entire story is set during one of her nightly walks; Lillian encounters interesting characters and reminisces about the life she has lived. It has gotten excellent reviews, I am really looking forward to reading it!

Also included in each box was a freebie book that I am SO excited about! I have read all of Gillian Flynn’s books and I’ve really enjoyed them. She’s probably most famous for writing Gone Girl, which topped just about every book list in 2015. It was an unexpected bonus that is much appreciated! I seriously love Book of the Month!

January Choices:

Lucky You by Erika Carter (not released yet, coming March 2017): The story of three women in their early 20s who are (sort of) friends and (definitely) becoming unhinged in their daily lives. They collectively agree to live off-grid for a year in order to figure their lives out. They find themselves in a remote, rural house in the Ozarks, nearly undone by boredom and the brewing tension between them. It was really hard for me to choose between this book and Lillian Boxfish, so I have a feeling I’ll be adding this one to my box next month (which you can do for $10!).

Girls in the Moon by Janet McNalley: Everyone in Phoebe Ferris’s life tells a different version of the truth. The daughter of formerly famous rockstars and the sister of a budding scenester, Phoebe is a budding poet in search of an identity (and truth) to call her own. When she visits her sister in New York, she’s determined to find out how she fits in to this family of storytellers, and maybe even to continue her own tale—the one with the musician boy she’s been secretly writing for months.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson (not released yet, coming January 2017)The wealthy enclaves north of San Francisco are not the paradise they appear to be, and nobody knows this better than the students of a local high school. Despite being raised with all the opportunities money can buy, these vulnerable kids are navigating a treacherous adolescence in which every action, every rumor, every feeling, is potentially postable, shareable, and viral.

Homesick for Another World by Ottessa Moshfegh (not yet released, coming January 2017): I did not realize that this was a short story book until just now, which makes me really want to get it next month as an add-on! Ottessa Moshfegh received a lot of acclaim for her book Eileen a couple of years back; I haven’t read it but I’ve heard it’s great. I’m really interested in her short stories!

Which books would you choose? Click here to check out Book of the Month!






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