I’m excited to subscribe and share some new boxes with y’all in 2017 and the first one that I’m sharing with you is #MorpheMe Brush Club.

#MorpheMe Brush Club

Price: $19.99/month (free shipping in the U.S.)

Box Type: Morphe makeup brushes, delivered to you each month! (You can never have too many brushes, trust.)

Why you’ll love it: Each month is a surprise but you will receive AT LEAST $30+ in Morphe brushes. All types of brushes are eligible including powder, foundation, contour, eye shadow and liner brushes.  We will never ship the same brush twice.

So let’s see what I got!

Here are the brushes I received in my first box!

Each box will come with a sheet that explains the main purpose of each brush but you can always use any brush any way you want. That’s half the fun!

MB1 Deluxe Powder Brush ($10.99): I’ve honestly been  looking for a big powder brush so this came at a perfect time. Is it weird that I have never really used a setting powder and I am super obsessed with makeup? I’ve used translucent powder before but I never set my foundation with pressed powder and that’s something I decided to start doing and voila – this brush showed up.

MB4 Angle Blush Contour ($9.99): This brush can be used for contouring but I’ll probably use it for blush.

MB10 Concealer Brush ($2.99): Concealer brushes are great, especially if you have a blemish but they are also great for applying/blending under eye concealer.

MB9 Foundation Brush ($4.99): Foundation brushes are obviously good for applying foundation but you can also use them to apply masks/moisturizers or really anything you want!

MB19 Oval Lip Brush ($1.99): What’s funny is that I recently bought my first lip brush. I thought I would use it for a Colourpop teal/green lipstick. I thought I would look really cool/hip. I looked SO BAD. Hilariously bad. Would not even take a picture to show anyone how bad I looked. THEN, that damn lipstick stained my brand new brush green. (Mad emoji face.) I’m glad I have a replacement. If you wear those matte liquid lipsticks, sometimes a lip brush helps application be more precise than the applicator the lipstick comes with, especially darker colors.

Final Grade: A

I am SO happy with my first #MorpheMe Brush Club box! I paid $19.99 and I received about $30 worth of Morphe brushes, which YouTube vloggers always rave about. (I’ve decided to just watch beauty videos the next four years instead of anything political so I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately. Those gals love their Morphe brushes!)

If you want to sign up, click here for my referral link

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