I’m so mad at myself because I had written almost the entire blog and then I accidentally deleted it. (Insert the “WAHHHHH” emoji face.) But I am REALLY loving the February #MorpheMe Brush Club, so I guess I won’t mind re-writing this TOO much. 🙂 This is only my second month with #MorpheMe and I think I love this month’s brushes even more than the last!

#MorpheMe Brush Club

Price: $19.99/month (free shipping in the U.S.)

Box Type: Morphe makeup brushes, delivered to you each month! (You can never have too many brushes, trust.)

Why you’ll love it: Each month is a surprise but you will receive AT LEAST $30+ in Morphe brushes. All types of brushes are eligible including powder, foundation, contour, eye shadow and liner brushes.  We will never ship the same brush twice.

How to subscribe: Click here!

#MorpheMe had a Valentine’s Day theme that was pretty cute. I would love a bouquet of brushes for Valentine’s Day and that is essentially what I received from my husband. Not to be confused with this subscription, but Jaclyn Hill did a video with all of her favorite Morphe brushes, so I made a list and sent it to Matt. Subsequently, Matt bought them all for me, plus this palette that has the most pigmented metallic shadows that I have ever seen. And it’s 35 shadows for $22! The quality is equal or better to high-end shadows so I can’t believe that price tag. I guess you can say I’m having a bit of a love affair with Morphe.

ANYWAY. Let’s see which brushes I got my my February package!

Such a cute Valentine’s Day card that describes the brushes this month! You might notice 4 brushes in the next picture but only 3 on the card. That’s because when I first signed up, I was supposed to receive a free brush but after I signed up, I think the code I used didn’t work or something. I ended up contacting Customer Service and they were kind enough to include the brush in my next package. Big thumbs up to the Live Glam Customer Service Team. 🙂

Here are the brushes I received this month! As you can see, one of the brushes has an interesting shape and another has two types of bristles. We can investigate those further below.

G36 Round Powder ($13.99): The first thing I noticed this month is that these brushes (except my “free” one) are from their Gun Metal line, which is cool. Not only do they look cool, they feel a little heavy and luxurious. This powder brush is similar to this one that was in my Valentine’s Day bouquet from Matt, but the bristles are a little longer and a bit less dense. I think this will be great for blending out everything on your face- to make sure your blush/bronzer/highlighter/contour is all looking blended and nice with no harsh lines! This would also be great if you are a powder foundation gal, like my mom. I immediately thought of her and her Bare Minerals – this brush would be PERFECT for applying that kind of makeup.

G34 Mini Round Buffer ($8.99): When I saw this, I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d use this for, but then I remembered that I’ve been seeing some YouTube girls use this kind of brush to apply their foundation since the bristles are SO SOFT but also densely packed. I saw a pro makeup artist (Lipstick Nick) use a brush like this to put foundation on Jeffree Starr and Jaclyn Hill mentioned that Lipstick Nick did the same thing on her. I think she used one from Morphe’s “Gilded” line. So I might try that at some point. The card said it could be used for highlighting but I feel like the bristles are super dense for that so I’m not sure. I thought I might be able to use it to blend concealer under my eyes but then I saw this brush…

G33 Angled Buffer ($8.99): I have never, ever seen a brush like this before in my life! Have y’all? it’s a triangle! It fit’s PERFECTLY under the eye area, so I can’t wait to try to blend my concealer with this! I was demonstrating to Matt (on him, with no makeup on the brush) how it worked and he had his eyes closed SO tight. I was like, “Relax your face, just close your eyes, don’t wrinkle up your whole face holding them closed.” He was like, “I can’t!” Haha. Guys are scared of brushes. (Well, I should have said, “Some guys,” as I have been watching some amazing YouTube makeup geniuses that are guys and THEY are NOT afraid of brushes. Haha.)

Look at the shape of this G33 Angled Buffer! It’s SO COOL! 

M214 Oval Shadow Concealer Brush ($3.99): This brush is so weird! This is the second time with just this package where I’m thinking that I’ve never seen a brush like this! The white bristled side has natural bristles and the black side is synthetic bristles. This might be good for being able to take one brush instead of two if you were going on a trip or something. If you didn’t know (like I didn’t prior to watching the Jaclyn Hill video I posted above), natural hair bristles are better for more of a “wash” of color versus synthetic bristles that put a lot more product directly on your skin. I’m not entirely sure this will be something I reach for a lot but I’m going to play around with it.

Final Grade: A+ 

The February #MorpheMe Brush Club was a grand slam! I loved everything I received and even received a few brushes I had never seen before! I’m so glad, because it would be so easy to send people brushes that everyone already has but it’s cool that they are sending us a variety. Plus, I loved the look of the Gun Metal line! Maybe someday, we’ll get some gold brushes from the Gilded line. 🙂

Something to note, it also looks like that coming soon, you’ll be able to trade out which brushes you want to receive, which could be cool if you have the ones that you see are coming up and would prefer to get others. I’m not entirely sure how that works yet, but I’ll let y’all kno!

Click here if you are interested in signing up!

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