This month’s Sephora Play! came in The Prettiest Bag Ever. They always put the products in a bag of some sort, but this month’s was special. The theme this month is “smitten”, which is appropriate given how smitten I am with this bag. I mean, look at it:

I have big plans for this bag. I’m heading to Italy for a couple of weeks soon and I plan on making this my official makeup brush bag for the trip! I love it so much. The products they sent this month are pretty great too, but man I love this bag.

Play! by Sephora

Price: $10/month

Box Type: Beauty products, 5-6 deluxe samples

Why you’ll love it: High end brands (no drugstore products here!), new and interesting products in deluxe sample sizes, plus a cute little bag each month! It’s a great mix of makeup and skincare, which I love!

How to Subscribe: Click here! I’m pretty sure the waitlist is now open!

Alright, let’s see what came inside the bag….

Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in Nude ($22 for full size): Story time! I liked the color of this gloss so while I was taking photos of the Play! box I dabbed a little on my lips and continued taking pictures. A couple of minutes later I noticed my lips were tingling, then they were REALLY tingling, then they were burning with the unholy fire of 1,000 devils. I grabbed the bottle and realized that this was not lip gloss – it’s a glossy lip PLUMPER. I ran to a mirror and howled with laughter at what I saw:

Move over, Kylie Jenner. 

So this lip plumper is….. EFFECTIVE. It lasted for about 2 hours despite scrubbing it off to stop the burning. I guess if you want your lips to swell up to 4x their size, this is money well spent.

Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Bound ($26 for full size): This color is not my cup of tea, and the sample was sadly kind of dried up (get it together, Sephora), plus my lips were still reeling from the Great Plumping Fiasco of 2017, so I haven’t had a chance to actually see if this lip color is any good or not. It has a matte finish and is long-lasting, so there’s that. (Lauren’s edit: I got the same thing but mine is AMAZING. I wore it all day at work one day and I’ve contemplated buying the full-size version. It’s more of a whipped texture that doesn’t dry down to a matte finish, so it’s not a long-wearing color by any means. But the rosy color is so lovely, the satin finish isn’t drying and I am totally in love with this! Definitely my favorite item in the bag!) 

Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer ($29.50 for full size): This moisturizer/primer combo is cool in theory, but I have really dry skin and it’s nowhere near moisturizing enough for me. I do really like it as a primer though – sometimes primers can be a little drying, so it’s nice that this one is even a bit moisturizing.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream ($30 for full size): I had an allergic reaction to a Julep product last month so my skin has been super sensitive lately, especially around my eyes. This cream was actually pretty soothing, which is exactly the point. It combats swelling, dark circles, and brightens things up around your eyes. I have tried Origin products before but if I’m being honest, they’ve never really impressed me all that much. This one did though, surprisingly.

Marc Jacobs Divide Decadence Eau de Parfum ($29 – $122 for full size): I liked this perfume. I don’t like a lot of perfumes, but this one was warm and floral and smelled great. While that’s all I have to say about it, I want to mention how hilarious I find perfume descriptions on Sephora’s website. Listen to what they have to say about Marc Jacobs Decadence and see if you can possibly imagine what the hell it’s supposed to smell like:

“A sensual, luxurious, and woody fragrance, Decadence embodies the spirit of irreverent glamour. The fragrance opens with sultry top notes of Italian plum, iris flower, and saffron. The heart combines luxurious notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac, and orris. The indulgent dry down reveals the base notes of vetiver, papyrus woods, and liquid amber. Rendered in a palette of rich emerald green, Decadence features an exotically textured arched python cap. A gold chain and black silky tassel finish the look, defining a new era of glamorous luxury with the re-emergence of clean lines, rich materials, and opulent details.”

….whatever that means.

Sephora Collection LashCraft Length & Volume Mascara ($7 for this sample size): This sample size retails for $7 (or $12 for the full size), which practically pays for the whole Play! box this month!

Final Rating: A

I liked this month’s Play! box even though one of the products physically assaulted me. I haven’t gotten a Play! box that I have been disappointed about, which is pretty high praise for someone who gets a lot of subscription boxes. I can’t wait to see what they send us in March!



I bought this box, all opinions are my own.
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2 Comments on Play! by Sephora – February 2017

  1. Angela
    February 22, 2017 at 7:38 am (10 months ago)

    I got a different box which had a Bite multistick in Cashew and I love it! I’ve been wanting to try one, I like the simplicity of having the same color on my cheeks and lips. I also had a different fragrance, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino and it’s wonderful! Smells like the beach which is great in the middle of February. I was pleased with my box this month but just a little disappointed in the size of the samples…so tiny this month. At any rate, well worth $10!

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