We’re back, folks! Yes, we know we technically started our YouTube channel last year but we only made one video so does that even count? We’re saying no. So we are starting over! We are going to be doing a variety of videos for y’all, including unboxings and product reviews/favorites. So we’ll be sure to tell you when we’ve posted a new video but you can also subscribe to our channel (please subscribe!) so you’ll never miss a video!

To start out, we are probably going to be doing unboxings for the Happy Mail subscription quite honestly because taking pictures of all those cards is a pain in the ass! However, after setting up lights, filming a video, then figuring out how the hell to edit it… I could have really just taken some pictures. BUT HEY. We’re trying new things!

Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess

$20/month = Month-to-Month
$18/month = six month commitment
$15/month = Twelve month commitment

Box Type: Stationery, notecards, paper products

Why you’ll love it: If you love office supplies, paper products and note cards… this is the box for you!

How to sign up: Click here

And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for… our video! We’ll improve things as time goes on as we learn but I’m excited to learn a new skill and bring a new facet to the blog! You might need to turn up your volume a little bit, so we will work on that for video 2. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed our first video! We have a lot of fun things in store so please subscribe (you might need to click into YouTube to do that- you can do that by clicking this link) and also please give this video a Thumbs Up so others might be able to find this video!

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