We’re back with our second Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess unboxing video! Man, I really love making these unboxing videos way more than taking pictures of each card and trying to think of something to write about all of them.

Y’all know the drill, I’m still getting used to YouTube… but I think I’m improving a little each time. Of course, I still said “cute” about a thousand times BUT I AM TRYING. 🙂 Immersion therapy. The more videos I make, the better I’ll get. At least, that’s the plan.

Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess

$20/month = Month-to-Month
$18/month = six month commitment
$15/month = Twelve month commitment

Box Type: Stationery, notecards, paper products

Why you’ll love it: If you love office supplies, paper products and note cards… this is the box for you!

How to sign up: Click here! 

Check out the video and let me know what y’all think of this month’s box!

What did you think of what we got? What should I do with those pill capsules?! HELP.

Purchased; All opinions are my own

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