Y’all, I am totally digging the mesh look in workout pants these days. I’ve gotten several pairs from Zyn22 but this month was the first time when I saw Fabletics offer workout pants with mesh panels! I was so excited so I had to get a pair!


Price: $50.00/month but varies on which outfit you choose. But you can also click this link and get your first outfit for only $25! (That is an awesome deal. I mean, can you get ANYTHING at Lululemon for $25? Seriously.)

Box Type: Athletic/Athleisure

Why you’ll love it: If you are a Fabletics VIP member like me, on the first of each month, you get to choose from a bunch of cute workout clothes that range from about $50-$70ish, depending on the outfit you choose. However, if you aren’t feeling any of the outfits, you can always skip that month super easily. And let’s say you order an outfit and don’t love it- return shipping is free, and you can easily choose a different size, store credit, or just get your money back.

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So this outfit was $69.95 and it came with:

  • Black Eunice Tank (VIP Price: 24.95): What you can’t totally see from the pictures is that this tank is mesh, so it’s kind of see through. I was a little worried because I’m not the kind of girl who needs everyone to see my midsection. I work out but I also eat pie. However, when I have it on, you really can’t tell that it’s mesh, so that’s good.

  • Cherise Legging (VIP Price: $49.95): Obviously, the leggings are the real winners, here. They fit well and they feel like they are really nice quality. I think the Fabletics leggings have improved over time, probably because competition is pretty stiff in the athleisure world. I am a huge fan of these.
  • Kana Sports Bra (VIP Price: $24.95): I am still trying to decide how I feel about this bra. On one hand, there is great coverage and support. On the other, there are these metal loop things holding the straps together on the front of the bra and they kind of remind me of a seat belt. And you know how a seatbelt will sometimes move around in that loop? That happens here, too. Like, I had to keep adjusting the loop because it kept wanting to go vertical instead of lay horizontal. But the loop on the other side didn’t do that. So I am still undecided about how I feel about this.

Final Grade: A

I’m really happy with this month’s Fabletics outfit because I loved the pants and the shirt. The bra… unclear. However, I am still happy with my outfit and Fabletics!

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Purchased; All opinions are my own
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