This month’s Birchbox theme was “Low Effort, High Impact,” which could basically be my life motto. It definitely applies to how I approach makeup and skincare, so I was super stoked about this month’s products. BTW, I am loving this month’s box:


Price: $10/month

Box Type: Beauty products, 5-6 deluxe samples

Why you’ll love it: Top brands, good sized samples of solid products. Their new customization process learns what you like so when you review your boxes on you’ll guarantee more personalized boxes. Plus, you can pick a sample you’d love to see in your box or select a pre-made box instead of leaving it to chance!

How to sign up: Just click here!

I am usually not on board with themed boxes because the theme always seems arbitrary and doesn’t really apply to the actual things in the box, but they kinda nailed it this month. Check it out:

TONS of great stuff. And a full-sized mascara!! YESSSSSSSSS.

Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara by The Beauty Crop ($20!!!!!) – I love it so much when we get full-sized products, especially when said products are double the price of the entire box. I’ve been using Rodan & Fields’ Lash Boost lately and my lashes are INSANELY long right now, so I’ve been trying to use mascara as much as possible to show them off before they inevitably fall out (I have no idea if they will actually fall out, but maybe? TBD). This mascara contains argan and jojoba oils and so far seems to be a pretty solid formula. Thanks Birchbox!

Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Tan by Vita Liberata ($30 for full-size) – First of all, this is a huge sample (about 1/3 the full sized bottle). I’ll definitely get a couple uses out of this. This tanning lotion is pretty famous for being great for us pale gals – it’s a natural and subtle tan rather than bright orange. The lotion applies evenly and gradually, and then fades naturally over a week or so. My skin goes directly to burning without passing through the tan phase, so if I want a summer glow I have to rely on the bottle kind. This was my sample choice this month and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Strobe Cream by MAC Cosmetics ($33 for full-size) – I wasn’t sure how I felt about this cream. I have only hopped on the highlighting train more than a handful of times, and liquid highlighters seem…. terrifying. I was pleasantly surprised by this strobe cream; it’s pretty and not super intense, and it looks really nice if I dab just a little on my cheekbones before applying my daily BB cream. If you’re looking for something less subtle, it works well on top of makeup too. My favorite part about this cream is that it’s moisturizing and gives a great dewy look.

SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray by Coola ($36 for full-size) – This all-in-one product seems a little too good to be true on paper, but surprisingly lives up to its hype! A matte-finish setting spray with SPF 30, it actually solves all my summer skincare problems. No running makeup and no SPF sheen! Swoon.  I will likely buy the full-sized version of this because I am in love.

Wave Spray by Ouai ($12 for this deluxe sample size!!!/$26 for full-size) – This wave spray is a universal favorite among celebrities and bloggers due to it being freaking awesome. It’s a light texturizing spray that gives your locks actual texture without any salt (which dries your hair out tremendously). If you spray it on before curling your hair, it acts as a light hairspray and holds the curl while giving your ‘do texture and body. The fact that they sent us a giant sample is so awesome!

Final Rating: A+

I am so in love with this box. Between the full-size mascara, the deluxe wave spray sample, the giant tan lotion sample, and the quality of all the products, this month was among my favorite Birchboxes of all time. These samples are also perfect as the weather becomes more summery, I will definitely use all of them in the coming month or two!

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