June delivered up another great box from Birchbox, surprising no one. It seems like every single box right now is doing a summer theme, so it was really nice to find that Birchbox was not forcing sunscreen, sunless tanning lotion, and bronzer down our throats in the June box.


Price: $10/month

Box Type: Beauty products, 5-6 deluxe samples

Why you’ll love it: Top brands, good sized samples of solid products. Their new customization process learns what you like so when you review your boxes on birchbox.com you’ll guarantee more personalized boxes. Plus, you can pick a sample you’d love to see in your box or select a pre-made box instead of leaving it to chance!

How to sign up: Just click here!

Each box is different based on your preferences and sample choice, but here’s what I got this month (spoiler: it was awesome):

The Beauty Crop Blush Duo in Papaya Don’t Preach ($10 for full size): I don’t think this is the full-sized product, but it might as well be because it’s huge (and is in a proper compact with a mirror!). This was my sample choice this month, I was super excited because I’ve been in the market for a new blush. This duo is a pretty coral cream blush and a gooooooorgeous peach powder blush. I don’t even mind the shimmer in the powder blush, it’s so freaking pretty!

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm with SPF 45 ($39 for full-size): This happens to be the BB cream that I use almost every day. My skin is pretty decent, so rather than a heavy foundation I use this beauty balm to even out my skin tone and it really does the trick. Plus it’s got SPF45 and an anti-aging properties. This BB cream is a classic, but unfortunately it only comes in 2 colors – light/pink (which is what I use), and medium/tan. As huge of a fan of Dr. Jart+ products as I am, I think they should really offer more colors for different skin tones! Regardless, this is a perfect sized bottle to travel with – I don’t use much at a time, so it’ll save a bit of room in my makeup bag!

Vasanti Brighten Up! Amplifying Moisturizer ($34 for full-size): I am always on board with a good travel-sized moisturizer, and this one is a good one to keep on hand. It’s got aloe vera, avocado oil, and vitamin E, so it’s great for sensitive skin and is seriously moisturizing.

Davines SU Hair & Body Wash ($11-$24 for full-size – received the $11 bottle!!): Davines is kind of taking over the hair industry right now. Their products are solid and are popping up in salons everywhere. I love how Birchbox keeps including samples in boxes because I have really loved everything I’ve tried. This particular sized bottle actually retails for $11, which is more than the price of the entire box. Thanks, Birchbox! I’m usually a little weirded out by all-in-one products, especially for hair and body, but I totally trust Davines and have a feeling I will love this one.

Atelier Cologne in Vanille Insensée ($85-$130 for full-size): I usually hate it when sample boxes send perfume samples as one of the items, but I am actually 100% ok with it this time because I really like this perfume. I am running low on my go-to perfume and am actually in the market for a new scent. This….may be it. It also might be way too expensive for me, but that’s for Future Jill to decide. It reminds of a perfume I used love back in the day, but I can’t put my finger on which one it was. It has a beautiful vanilla base with notes of lime and jasmine. I seriously can’t stop sniffing this one, it smells so good!

Final Rating: A+

Birchbox really hit a home run with this box. I don’t just like everything in it, I love it all. How often does that happen? Birchbox just keeps getting better and better, I am seriously impressed! I love that they’ve been sending full-sized and deluxe sample sizes lately, most sample boxes never do that! The brands are increasingly higher end, and it’s so much fun to try them! Keep it up, Birchbox!

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  1. Celeste
    June 14, 2017 at 12:04 pm (6 months ago)

    I got a sample of the Vanille Insensée in a Birchbox years ago and immediately bought a bottle, it is AMAZING!!!