Y’all know MorpheMe Brush Club is my fave subscription right now. I love Morphe brushes. And you KNOW your girl is going to be first in (virtual) line to get that Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. But for now… here’s what we got in the MorpheMe Brush Club for June.

MorpheMe Brush Club

Price: $19.99/month (free shipping in the U.S.)

Box Type: Morphe makeup brushes, delivered to you each month! (You can never have too many brushes, trust.)

Why you’ll love it: Each month is a surprise but you will receive AT LEAST $30+ in Morphe brushes. All types of brushes are eligible including powder, foundation, contour, eye shadow and liner brushes.  We will never ship the same brush twice.

How to subscribe: Click here for my referral link! They actually have a pretty cool referral program, where you get points for referrals which translate into brushes. YOU get a brush! And YOU get a brush! WE ALL GET BRUSHES!

They always include a cute little insert which shows all the brushes included.

And here are all the brushes! I laid them out this way so you could see just how teeny tiny that little fan brush is. It’s adorable.

M444 Deluxe Definition Blender ($12.99): This is a great, super dense brush for foundation. I’ve been enjoying how my skin looks when I use this!

M460 Flat Contour ($9.99): I have not found a use for this brush yet because I don’t contour really often but when I do, I don’t use a brush like this. To me, I feel like this will make the contour line really straight and obvious and that’s not the look I’m after. Maybe someone better at makeup would be able to make this work. Though I think I could use this brush to dip in translucent powder to clean up a contour? I haven’t tried that yet but that could work!

M518 Crease Fluff ($5.99): Now THIS is a brush that I’ve been using on the daily since receiving it. I use it to blend out shadow to make a really nice color gradient on my lids. I don’t actually put any color on this guy, I just use it to blend. And my makeup has been looking amazing, if I do say so myself.

M496 Duo Lash Fan ($2.99): This is seriously the tiniest fan brush I have ever seen! It’s supposed to be used to help apply mascara (to which I ask… how?) or help with lash extensions. But I think it will be great for really targeted highlighting, so that’s what I’m going to use it for.

Since the bristles are so white, I was trying to get them to show up in a picture os you could see how cute this little fan brush is!

Final Grade: A

MorpheMe Brush Club always gets an A from me. I love Morphe brushes and I love receiving them every month! Especially because they have so many unique brushes that I don’t have in my collection already!

If you are interested in trying out #MorpheMe for yourself, click here for my referral link!

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