Hi y’all! This is actually going to be my last Happy Mail for awhile. I decided to pause my subscription and like… go write some cards or something. I certainly have enough.

Also, I am experimenting with a new filming setup and right now this area looks kind of bleak because I need to hang a painting behind me. Additionally, the white balance was off at the beginning of the video because I was holding that white package and everything just looked grey. I am going to be getting a new camera in a few weeks, and provided I can figure out how to use it, hopefully my videos will start to look better.

Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess

$20/month = Month-to-Month
$18/month = six month commitment
$15/month = Twelve month commitment

Box Type: Stationery, notecards, paper products

Why you’ll love it: If you love office supplies, paper products and note cards… this is the box for you!

How to sign up: Click here

Click here to go directly to the video on YouTube… or read on to see the video embedded in the blog!

Purchased; All opinions are my own

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