I am SO excited for my book choice this month! It might skip all the way ahead to the top of my reading list, in fact. Oftentimes I go back and forth trying to decide which title to pick for the month, but this time I knew exactly which one I wanted. You’ll see why below! In fairness, the book choices this month were all really good. I have my eye on a couple to maybe add to my box next month!

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Check out this month’s book selections:

The Child by Fiona Barton – It might be shocking that I didn’t choose the psychological thriller this month (I KNOW), but it’s written in present tense which drives me nuts (seriously, it takes away from the story SO MUCH). Time listed this one on its “Top 10 Thrillers to Read this Summer” list, which is pretty impressive. When a journalist catches a story about a baby’s skeleton found buried at a construction site, she knows she has to find out the scoop. Little does she know that she’s getting more than she bargained for when she unveils secrets that upturn the lives of several local families.

The Windfall by Diksha Basu – A story of social climbing and its consequences, The Windfall takes place in Delhi, India and follows the Jha family as they move to an upscale neighborhood after their son is accepted into an American university. The move sets off a chain of events that rock their neighbors, their marriage, and their son, bringing unintended consequences and forcing the Jha family to see what really matters.

Goodbye, Vietnam by Rachel Khong – This story follows 30-yr-old Ruth, recently single and restless, as she quits her job and leaves the life she has made and heads to her parents’ home, landing in the middle of an unforeseen complicated situation. She finds humor in the tragic as she navigates losing her parents and finding herrself.

American Fire by Monica Hesse – I love seeing interesting non-fiction titles! This one is about a nightly series of arsons in rural Virginia that lasted for months – and the community that turned on itself in its greatest time of vulnerability. The arsonist isn’t a mystery – but his story is fascinating. A twisted love story intertwined with the tale of a dying town, this promises to be a really interesting read. I can see myself really loving this, it is written in the narrative-driven style of some of my favorite Pulitzer-winning journalism pieces. While this wasn’t my first choice title, I added it to my box because of how interesting it sounds (yes, you can add multiple books to your box)!

Final Girls by Riley Sager – I’ve saved the best for last. This book screamed my name immediately; I loooooooved everything about the description. Part slasher-flick, part psychological thriller, it’s being described as Stephen King meets Gone Girl (i.e. perfect). The story begins 10 years ago with Quincy Carpenter, a college student on vacation with five friends and became the sole survivor of a massacre. She was just the newest member of the “Final Girls,” a group no one wants to belong to, comprised of survivors of similar murders. Her memory stays foggy until she is suddenly face to face with another member of the wretched club, one who upturns Quincy’s life and forces her relive the past. When new details of past murders arise, truths start to unravel and it becomes apparent that there is some unfinished business left to tend to.

Final Rating: A+

The options this month were seriously good – so good, in fact, that I picked two! I haven’t been this excited for a book I hadn’t been anticipating in a while, which is always fun. Remember, if you want to sign up for Book of the Month and take advantage of these awesome titles, get to it by July 5!






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