Welcome to the review of the June Gentleman’s Box… in July. This is another really nice one. I continue to be more and more impressed with this box. For the $25 price point, you can really get your dude some great accessories. This isn’t name brand stuff but can you really tell a Tom Ford tie from just another regular tie? Probably not. Men’s fashion ain’t that deep. (hough I am positive my husband wants a Tom Ford tie. Someday. But for now… Gentleman’s Box!

Gentleman’s Box

Price: $25/month

Box Type: Lifestyle & beauty, full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: Gentleman’s Box is a subscription service for men providing the essentials for the modern gentleman. Items inside may range from grooming supplies to wardrobe accessories – each hand selected to complement the gentleman’s lifestyle and align with our monthly theme. Four to six hand-selected products for men, accompanied by a one-year subscription to GQ magazine (U.S. and Canada only), are delivered right to your doorstep – with the content’s value always triple your monthly cost.

How to sign up: Click here!

As usual, the little magazine they include each month, The Gentleman’s Post, is the bomb. It describes contents under the themes “Look Good,” “Feel Good” and “Be Good.” I am always so impressed with the curation of the magazine because I think it’s a nice touch to put so much thought into a men’s box. Sometimes I think women are spoiled with all of our options but I think this is such a great box for men, especially for the price point of $25!

And here’s everything we got! “We.” Ha. I promise I let Matt have these things. I felt like this month was a little light in terms of number of items but I feel like the quality of each item was higher than usual so it evened out.

Aristo Tie ($39): Matt really loved this tie! It’s blue, which he loves but with coral dots, which is really unique for him. He doesn’t have anything like it and he was really stoked about it. Especially with the socks below.

Gentleman Essentials Pocket Square ($12): Matt really liked this! He doesn’t have a ton of pocket squares and unlike some he’s received in this box, I feel like this is one that he could use more often since he’s drawn to blue so often and it’s white. It seems like one of those basics he can actually use. (I couldn’t find a link to it – sometimes I think they buy generic stuff in bulk, so the products aren’t those you can buy easily. That is my theory anyway.)

Golden Rabbit Socks ($12): As I mentioned above, Matt really liked these socks. They are a bit more coral than the picture shows so it goes with the tie really well. Matt also said the socks are really comfortable and feel well made.

Defined Men Leather Watch ($55): I really liked this item more than Matt did because he’s not into gold. However, I think it’s good to have a mixture of tones with accessories so you have different options. I think this is a really nice looking watch and looks casual but nice also. I think it’s just a nice watch and someday, Matt is going to be grateful he has this around.

Final Grade: A

Gentleman’s Box pretty much always gets an A. I don’t understand how they are able to pack so much value in a $25 box! I am always so impressed with the curation of the products and Matt is always quite happy with his new accoutrements.

If you are interested in subscribing for you or your man, click here!

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