Hey y’all! Thanks for understanding that Jill and I needed a little break last week but we are back and better than ever. I don’t receive Fabletics every month which is why you don’t always see a monthly review but I loved the outfit I saw in the monthly “reveal” and I had to have it! However… things didn’t go as planned…


Price: $50.00/month but varies on which outfit you choose. But you can also click this link and get your first outfit for only $25! (That is an awesome deal. I mean, can you get ANYTHING at Lululemon for $25? Seriously.)

This month came to $75.72. 

Box Type: Athletic/Athleisure

Why you’ll love it: If you are a Fabletics VIP member like me, on the first of each month, you get to choose from a bunch of cute workout clothes that range from about $50-$70ish, depending on the outfit you choose. However, if you aren’t feeling any of the outfits, you can always skip that month super easily. And let’s say you order an outfit and don’t love it- return shipping is free, and you can easily choose a different size, store credit, or just get your money back.

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So this was the first outfit in awhile where I didn’t love every piece of it, so we’ll get more into that now…

The outfit included the following pieces:

Hayden Lace Tank: VIP Price: $29.95
Brogan Lace Capri: VIP Price: $44.95
Tammy Sports Bra: VIP Price: $29.95

So this is the whole outfit together. Upon first glance it looks OK but there are some problems.

The main piece I didn’t like was the Tammy Sports Bra. I’m not about to put a picture of myself wearing only a sports bra because I love pie too much but here is the picture from the Fabletics site:

If I were her, I would never wear a shirt. But anyway. The problem for me are those little cut outs. I sort of felt like the bottom of my boob was sort of coming out. It wasn’t… really? But it did not feel great. But I was like, that’s no big deal, the shirt will cover it.

False. I had forgotten that the shirt would definitely NOT cover it. Not at all.

The Hayden Lace Tank was just OK. I didn’t think it was particularly flattering on me. (Sorry the tag is showing but I am sending this back so I couldn’t take it off!)

I feel like I’m in pretty decent shape (outside the stomach area re: the aforementioned pie) but I felt like the combo of the shirt and bra made me look a little flabby for some reason. I just don’t think the look was flattering at all. I’m returning both the top and the bra.


THESE ARE SO PRETTY. They also make my ass look FANTASTIC but I didn’t get a straight shot of that. I love the color, the lace, everything. These are the best. I am totally keeping these.

In conclusion, here are my feelings in pictures. (When Matt is taking my pictures, I always do things to try to entertain him and he will take Live Pictures of me being super goofy, so I occasionally end up with some weird/fun pictures and that’s what these are.)



Final Grade: B

As you can tell, I only loved part of my July Fabletics outfit this month but that’s bound to happen when you are trying a new style. I think when I send the top pieces back, I’ll just leave it as store credit for the next outfit I’m bound to love.

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Purchased; All opinions are my own
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