Gentleman’s Box

Price: $25/month

Box Type: Lifestyle & beauty, full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: Gentleman’s Box is a subscription service for men providing the essentials for the modern gentleman. Items inside may range from grooming supplies to wardrobe accessories – each hand selected to complement the gentleman’s lifestyle and align with our monthly theme. Four to six hand-selected products for men, accompanied by a one-year subscription to GQ magazine (U.S. and Canada only), are delivered right to your doorstep – with the content’s value always triple your monthly cost.

How to sign up: Click here!

As usual, the little magazine they include each month, The Gentleman’s Post, is the bomb. It describes contents under the themes “Look Good,” “Feel Good” and “Be Good.” I am always so impressed with the curation of the magazine because I think it’s a nice touch to put so much thought into a men’s box. Sometimes I think women are spoiled with all of our options but I think this is such a great box for men, especially for the price point of $25!

I don’t think I normally include a box shot of how everything is packed but here it is. It’s very well done, so I thought I would share.

And here is everything we got this month! I always say “we.” MATT got all of these things. And I totally allowed him to have them… after I held them hostage for blog pictures.

Twillory Tie ($39): I had a hard time getting the color right in these pictures. I’m hopefully getting a new camera soon (once I decide to go to the camera store and start researching. It might be another few weeks.) However, this tie is more on the dark purple side and teal. Matt really enjoyed this because he doesn’t have anything like this in his collection… til now.

Deadsoxy Socks ($12): Matt also really loved these socks! Again, very different from what he had already so he’s a fan of getting new, good quality socks. And I really like the brand name, “Deadsoxy.” Even better is that Deadsoxy is based out of Dallas, Texas! Hey, y’all! How cool is that? Not only are they clever as hell, they are my neighbors. Matt is interested in buying some socks from them to support a local brand!

Salt + Dapper Pocket Square ($19): Out of all the pocket squares Matt has received, he LOVES this one so much. It’s blue, which is Matt’s favorite color, so it matches a lot of shirts he has already. Matt is excited to be building his little pocket square wardrobe.

DIBI Tie Bar ($38): Matt has received a few tie bars in Gentleman’s Box but has only been meh about them but he LOVES this one, too! This is a good box for Matt, y’all. This tie bar is really right up his alley. And I hadn’t ever heard of DIBI but they had a ton of really awesome tie bars. I wonder if I should tell Matt.

Niche For Men Multi-Wash ($19): This was Matt’s least exciting product. He is just sort of meh about any body/face/hair products because he’s kind of like a typical man where he knows what he likes and he doesn’t really care to experiment. But he really likes minty type products and I think he would actually like this if he tried it. I told him he can travel with it. So when we take a trip next year, he will learn that he likes the product I tried to get him to use now. And he will come up to me like he discovered it. And then my head will explode.

Final Grade: A+

This was a GREAT Gentleman’s Box! This is one of those boxes where every product is a home run! I know Matt loved everything so he was really excited to get it back from my photo room clutches. Something random to note, when I was looking up the products this month, they ALL had a real brand page. Sometimes I think Gentleman’s Box gets things wholesale so you can’t really find them later (which is obviously no problem for the receivers of the box!) but if you saw something that you liked that you wanted to get outside the box then you’d be out of luck. But all of the products today led to sites where you can buy things. Cool!

If you are interested in subscribing to Gentleman’s Box for you or your man, click here!

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