It’s time for another Target Beauty Box review! Jill and I have been skipping these the last several months because they haven’t really appealed to us but when I saw this one, I bought it immediately because I knew I would use almost everything!

Target Beauty Box

Price: $7-$10/month, (this month was $7) but not a subscription. You just have to sign up to receive our emails and we will let you know when they go on sale!

Box Type: This is a beauty/skincare box that contains products you can find in Target. Some are your typical drugstore fare and others are new, cool products that Target is bringing to the forefront.

Why you’ll love it: First, the value is always amazing – you will only pay about $10 and you’ll always get a few full-size products that make the box worth much more than you paid. Second, shipping is usually free. (It wasn’t one time, but it usually is.) Third, who doesn’t love Target?

Garnier Clearly Brighter Daily Scrub ($5.99): I haven’t tried this yet but y’all just KNOW I’m about to put this in my gym bag. I don’t get TOO many face washes in boxes so when I saw this one in the box, I knew I’d use it. I also really like using scrubs in the morning after I work out. After I have sweat all over my face, it feels so good to literally scrub it off. I haven’t heard of this line from Garnier so I’m intrigued.

Herbal Essences Argan Oil Shampoo ($5.99): Kind of the same review as above because I don’t get shampoos in boxes too often either! And I go through little shampoos way faster than little conditioners so I’m glad to just get the shampoo.

Dove Clear Finish Dry Spray Deodorant ($5.49): I currently use the Dove dry spray deodorant but I haven’t tried this clear one and I’m so excited about it. I’m CONSTANTLY getting deodorant on my clothes. I used it today before I put on a black dress over my head and I can confirm – no white marks! Hooray! And it smelled nice and fresh. THIS is going in my gym bag FOR SURE.

up & up 25 count Facial Wipes ($3.89): I mean, I can always use facial wipes and while I prefer the Simple Micellar Water wipes, I will use the heck out of these, obviously. I use facial wipes to get my eye makeup off before I go in and wash my face, so I go through them fairly quickly.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($7.99): I have never been super into the Biore strips bc my nose pores aren’t such a big problem for me so I might throw this in my donate stack.

SpaLife Nourishing Facial Mask ($2.49): Y’all know Jill and I love a good mask and I’ll never say no to one, so this is great. I always mean to use them more often because I have a big stack of them at this point so I really need to stop forgetting they exist! I’m going to use this tomorrow. Matt is gonna love that. 🙂

Final Grade: A+

This is the very best Target Beauty Box I have bought in a long time. I will use pretty much everything with the exception of the Biore pore strip but who knows, I might even use that. You definitely need to keep an eye out for Target Beauty boxes when they pop up around the first of each month. We used to post about it here but sometimes it’s hard to post in the morning with our schedules so we do our best. I’ll try to get back into doing that more regularly if I can!


Purchased; All opinions are my own
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