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Recently, I was thinking about how many various eyeshadow palettes I have. (I know — it’s a little ridiculous. But I love them so much!) Additionally, I get ready in a gym locker room most mornings, so I have to pack my makeup the night before so when I’m getting ready, I can’t really browse my collection and get anything else. So sometimes this means I way, way, WAY overpack. (Y’all don’t even know.) And then sometimes, I’m getting ready and I’m like, “SHIT. Why didn’t I pack such and such.”

So I thought I would start using one palette per week. This will help in in a few ways. For one, packing my makeup won’t be stressful. Two, this will help me rotate through my palettes and use some in my collection that haven’t gotten a lot of love from me in awhile. And three, I thought I would post my different looks each day on Instagram, so that wouldn’t take away from the content we post here. Though I may post a recap at the end of the week, unclear.

I talked to Jill about this idea and she loved it also, and she’s going to do it sometimes also! I’m excited because you are finally going to see more of Jill’s face on our Instagram feed! Yay!

SO. If you want to follow along, you should follow us on Instagram at boxy_ladies. (Mom, you don’t have to have an Instagram account, you can just click here. Bookmark it if you want! 🙂 )

I also thought it would be fun to tell y’all on Sundays which palette we are going to be using in case y’all want to follow along also! Maybe we all can even hashtag our looks using something like… #BoxyLadiesPaletteSeries ? I’m just spitballing. We’ll figure it out.

The first palette I am going to use is an oldie but a goodie… The Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills ($42)!

I’ve been ripping on the Subculture palette lately, so while that palette wasn’t my favorite, it reminded me how much I love the Modern Renaissance, so I thought I would give it some love and feature it first!

(Sorry this palette is messy but you know… this is an older palette that I love. Not to mention that this particular formula is a little powdery. It’s gonna get dirty, y’all. But if you have this palette also, you already know.)

So don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at boxy_ladies (don’t forget that underscore between boxy and ladies!) and feel free to follow along and post your own pictures using the Modern Renaissance palette along with us using the hashtag #BoxyLadiesPaletteSeries!


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