Y’all know this is my current favorite box. I don’t really even like looking at spoilers because I like to enjoy my moment where I open my brushes and then spend time figuring out how each will fit into my routine. (As you can imagine, I have to edit down the brushes I bring to the gym quite regularly. BUT I WANT TO USE THEM ALL EVERY DAY.)

MorpheMe Brush Club

Price: $19.99/month (free shipping in the U.S.)

Box Type: Morphe makeup brushes, delivered to you each month! (You can never have too many brushes, trust.)

Why you’ll love it: Each month is a surprise but you will receive AT LEAST $30+ in Morphe brushes. All types of brushes are eligible including powder, foundation, contour, eye shadow and liner brushes.  We will never ship the same brush twice.

How to subscribe: Click here for my referral link! They actually have a pretty cool referral program, where you get points for referrals which translate into brushes. YOU get a brush! And YOU get a brush! WE ALL GET BRUSHES!

They always kindly include a little insert that shows all the brushes they include.

And here’s everything I got this month! THAT ROSE GOLD, Y’ALL. So pretty.

R14 Round Contour ($9.99): This was the brush I was most intrigued about this month. I have been on the hunt for a stiffer highlighter brush for this magical highlighter that I love but I’m sort of still figuring out how to wear it the best.

R7 Deluxe Pointed Powder ($15.99): I like this brush so much that I have it already… sort of. I have this brush in the basic line, because Jaclyn Hill told me that I needed it for bronzer. To be quite honest, I didn’t end up loving it so much for bronzer on me, as I got another bronzer brush from Julep that I like OK right now but I sort of have my eye on this one. I know. I have the Smith Cosmetics bug. But you know I am always going to love an affordable brush. My makeup collection will always be full of high/low.

R39 Tapered Blender ($5.99): I actually think I have this in their regular line as well but I’m fired up about this one because first of all… I need more than one. Second of all… ROSE GOLD. I am curious to see if this rose gold version is any softer? Morphe brushes can be a little prickly sometimes, which isn’t a deal-breaker for me. That’s just the price you pay for… the price you pay. Their Elite collection is really nice and not rough at all. But I need to see how this rose gold brush is in comparison with their more affordable line of brushes. Like, is it the same, just different packaging? Unclear. I do have the Deluxe Pointed Blender in the Rose Gold Collection and it is one of my favorite brushes of all time. I use this every day for my transition shade. So I’m excited to try this smaller version.

Final Grade: A

I wanted to point out that the MorpheMe Brush Club does have a way for you to see what brushes you are going to be getting in the next month and you can sub them out for a previous month’s box if you wanted to. Part of me wishes I had remembered to do that because I honestly don’t think I needed more than one of that Deluxe Pointed Powder brush. However, I am really excited about the other two brushes, and it’s not the worst thing to have a big new rose gold brush. (It’s so pretty – might even make a nice gift!)  But I do want to make it clear that I bought that other brush myself – I did not receive it through the subscription. MorpheMe Brush Club says they won’t ever send you the same brush twice. But because they haven’t come to my house and rifled through all of my brushes to see what I have (which might be criminal, tbh), I might occasionally get duplicates since I have a lot of Morphe brushes already.

If you want to subscribe to MorpheMe Brush Club like me (and Jill! I convinced her!), click here for our referral link! I did see recently that the MorpheMe Brush Club had a wait list when I had received a referral, but I think they were able to get in fairly quickly – so don’t let that dissuade you!

Purchased; All opinions are my own
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