Welcome to the August Sock Fancy box! I just realized that I didn’t post a July Sock Fancy box so I dug around and found the July picture and added that right in. Done and done.

Sock Fancy

Price: $11/month: 1 pair | $19/month: 2 pairs | $57/month: 6 pairs per month

Box Type: Socks! Get a new pair of socks every month! You can choose “Men’s or “Women’s” socks, so you get the appropriate socks you want. You can also choose a “His and Hers” subscription for $19/month for two pairs or $57/month for 6 pairs. You can also choose gift subscriptions!

Why you’ll love it: Well, I can’t say it better than them:

Sock Fancy provides stylish folks like yourself with a monthly sock subscription to a selection of unique, eye-catching socks. For just 11 bucks a month you not only get a pair of awesome socks delivered to your door, but all the comfort and cool that fresh socks can bring. Our sock subscription supplies enough fresh-footed swag to last a lifetime.

Our socks are designed in-house in Atlanta by our superstar creative design team. We obsess over the design and details of each sock to ensure that you are getting the best sock around. Just like your sheets, thread count matters. Our socks are constructed on a 200 needle count machine from quality combed cottons to guarantee the comfort and quality of every single pair. We genuinely love our socks and we know you will too. If you don’t, send ’em back and we’ll get you a fresh pair.

How to Subscribe: Click here for our referral link to get 15% off your order! Also, if you are on the Sock Fancy site for a minute, you’ll see a popup ad to get a free pair of socks when you subscribe.

And here are the August socks! I don’t think the camera is picking it up but they are a really bright coral. These aren’t my favorite but Matt likes them. Maybe he likes the pop of color? They just seem totally random.

Look! I found the July socks! Matt actually really loved these grey and white ones and I personally loved them as well! I kind of wished these were mine!

Final Grade: B

Matt liked the socks this week but I don’t think they are my fave so I’m giving this month a B, though the socks are nice quality. I would have given the July socks an A, though! They are so cute.

Click here for our referral link to get 15% off your first pair!

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