Welcome back to our Instagram palette series! For the past two weeks, I have been using The Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette, and I have been loving it! I extended the use of it for another week because of the holiday and the fact that the palette is so much bigger than most eye shadow palettes and therefore, more versatile!

And here are some of the looks that I came up with on our Instagram page:

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FINAL REVIEW OF THE MORPHE X JACLYN HILL PALETTE: I honestly feel like this is the best and most versatile palette I own, outside of a Z-Palette “Life Palette” that I have made myself. I can tell that this palette is a lot like Jaclyn Hill’s own past “Life Palette,” which contained a combo of Mac, Makeup Geek and ABH single shadows. She even had them arranged in a similar fashion. So I think because Jaclyn basically created her own life palette but with the ability to make each color/formula exactly how she wanted it, the palette just naturally lends itself to being very versatile.

There are a few colors that look very similar when applied to the skin. For example, on the top row, the third and fourth colors are basic transition shades but made with different undertones – one is more cool and one is warmer. But like I said, they are basically the same. Even the colors right below those are very similar as well. And the first two colors in the palette are shimmer-y white shades with different undertones – but honestly they are just so similar! I do use both of them for different things but I do wish one of them was just a matte light shade I could use to set my primer. I can always just set my primer with a powder, but most palettes do include a matte white shade for that and brow-bone highlighting. Essentially, I just think there were missed opportunities to add more colors.

But the colors that ARE included perform amazingly! I think the mattes were pigmented and creamy, and the shimmers were gorgeous. Most of them are so pigmented and bright that you don’t really even need Fix + to help bring out the color/shine.

Morphe is known to be a “cheaper” brand and historically, the quality of their products wasn’t always the best. They also get dragged a lot because popular YouTubers are Morphe affiliates and constantly push Morphe products, so many people have “Morphe Fatigue,” which may stop people from getting the palette, even though the quality was so good. I have been trying to spread the word about how great it this palette is, and even if people are tired of Morphe, they should re-visit it and give this palette a shot! It took me awhile to convince Jill to get it but now that she has it, she is obsessed. If you are interested in getting it, you should sign up with your email to find out when the next re-stock will be!

I definitely recommend this palette, especially for beginners, because it covers so many of the basics with various formulas and colors, with the addition of a few pops of brighter colors. This is also a great palette to travel with because the number of looks you can make with this palette is infinite! It is worth every penny of the $38 (a little less with an affiliate code.)

And now… onto the next! We will be featuring the Saharan Palette from Juvia’s Place. Juvia’s Place is an indie brand, kind of like Makeup Geek or Colored Raine. The founder is actually a black woman, so many of their shadows and products work on both dark and light skin tones. Juvia’s Place is still fairly under the radar, but bigger YouTubers like NikkieTutorials have used their shadows in videos and have shown how amazing the quality and pigmentation is. What’s also amazing is that the quality is so stunning but the price point is still very low. The Saharan Palette is currently only $25, and you can use an affiliate code (like Nikkie’s: NIKKIE) to bring down the price even more!

I got this palette last year and I was really into it… and then, I kind of forgot about it when new things came out. I was reminded of it yesterday when I was at Sephora, as I was gazing adoringly at the new Marc Jacobs eye shadow palettes. The one that I will be putting on my Christmas wish list is the Edgitorial palette. (Might also add Scandalust to that list as well!) One of the most striking things about the Edgitorial palette that stands out is that greeny gold looking shimmery color, and it made me think of the Saharan palette because it has a very similar version of that!

And so while the Juvia’s Place and Marc Jacobs palettes aren’t dupes whatsoever, I was inspired by that gold shade! This palette is a little edgier than some of the other palettes I’ve used so far, with a lot of different warm toned shimmers and a few pops of color, so I’m excited to see what I can come up with this week!

See y’all on Insta, and of course, on the blog all week long.


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