Welcome back to our Instagram palette series! This series has been fun and challenging, because it forces me to try to be more creative in my day-to-day looks, without doing the same thing every day. And the Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette was surprisingly versatile. And the colors are so beautiful that it truly was a joy to use every day.

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Review of the Saharan Palette ($25): For only $25, you can get some of the most pigmented, beautiful shadows I have ever seen! There are plenty of colors for pretty warm-toned looks, especially fun pink shades that are surprisingly wearable. I loved the bronze-y shades that I wore on Friday, But I just loved how I basically had a different statement eye look almost every day, and it was so easy to use. The only thing this palette lacks is a shade to set my primer but that’s never a big deal to me – I just use a setting powder to set my primer.

If you have $25 and you love eye shadow, I would buy this asap! Don’t forget to use an influencer’s code to bring the price down even more!

And up next week… my brand new Colourpop I Think I Love You palette! (And as of this writing, it’s not sold out!)

I mean, first of all, it’s pretty as hell! That copper-y rose gold-y goodness! Aaack. Best of all? This palette is only $16.

I love a good bronze-y eye and I couldn’t resist this. Yes, it’s possible I have some of these shades in other palettes – I think most people who love makeup might. But I don’t have them all together like this. So I needed it, obvious. And for $16? DONE.

So get ready for a bunch of bronze-y warm toned good ness next week! I’m going to try to make them as creative as possible, so stay tuned to our Instagram page to see what I come up with!

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