A few weeks ago, I decided to try something new, and order the quip toothbrush system! I was feeling very jealous of Matt’s fancy toothbrush but not really in the mood to pay hundreds of dollars for a toothbrush, so this seemed like a great middle ground. Also, I was able to get a gold toothbrush. TAKE THAT, ORAL B.

Quip Toothbrush System

Price: $25/$40 initially, depending on whether you chose a plastic or metal toothbrush, then $10 every 3 months with a refill and toothpaste, or $30/$45 initially, then $5 every 3 months for just the refill.

Box Type: Toothbrush! It’s pretty much as simple as that!

Why you’ll love it: If you wish there was something in between the cheapo electric toothbrushes you get from the drugstore and a $100+ expensive toothbrushes, then this is the toothbrush for you. You get a really fancy looking toothbrush with the convenience factor of having brush heads mailed to you every 3 months.

How to subscribe: Click here for my referral link!

So here it is! This is the toothbrush in its little travel tube, along with the full-size toothpaste and the travel-size toothpaste.

I initially signed up for the $40 brush with the $10 quarterly subscription, which will send the toothbrush head, battery for your toothbrush plus a tube of toothpaste. However, I have emailed customer service to ask if I can switch to the other subscription type, because after I received my kit, I learned that I didn’t care for how the toothpaste tasted.

It’s not BAD by any means, but I don’t really WANT to use it. I would just rather use the Colgate toothpaste I love. So I am waiting to hear back from Customer Service to see if I can change my subscription to the $5 option so I only get the brush head going forward and NOT the toothpaste.

I’m glad I heard back from Customer Service (within 24 hours, too!) because I wouldn’t have realized I needed to cancel my subscription and then add the other subscription back on. But it was still really easy to do, took only a few seconds once I understood the procedure. Easy peasy!

Here’s a little bit of a closer look at the quip toothbrush itself. Y’all knew I had to get gold, duh. I love it. Actually brushing my teeth is a little different to get used to because the brush just feels physically different than other brushes I’ve used in the past. The brush head is pretty small, and it’s a mix of silicone and nylon bristles. The back of the brush head has the quip logo, but it’s done in a purposeful way because you use that part to brush your tongue.

Additionally, there is a 2-minute timer, which pulses a little after each 30-second mark so you know to move to a different quadrant of your mouth! I have found this to be really helpful, as I have learned that I have not been brushing my teeth for nearly long enough.

I have found I have really been enjoying using the quip toothbrush! I especially like using it with my own toothpaste, but that is obviously personal preference. I’ll be interested to talk to my dental hygienist to see if she notices my teeth look any better, now that I’m brushing for the correct amount of time. Haha!

Final Grade: A

Now that I have heard back from Customer Service, I’m not only pleased by the response time, but happy that I’ll only be receiving the brush head from now on!

In terms of the brush itself, so far, so good! I like using the brush and if I ever ran out of my fave toothpaste, it’s not bad to have a backup on-hand. And the travel-sized version is really handy!

If you are interested in trying out quip for yourself, click here to check it out for yourself!

Purchased; All opinions are my own
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