POPSUGAR has done it yet again with an amazing box – this time it has a sleepy, cozy feel. With the weather changing and the leaves falling, I can’t think of a better theme than comfy stay-in days, hot drinks, and luxurious products.


Price: $39.95/month

Box Type: Lifestyle & beauty, full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: Always on-trend, always fun and interesting, always worth 4-5 times the price of the box! There’s so much to love about POPSUGAR!

How to sign up: Click here!  Use this link and code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box!

Check out what was in this POPSUGAR box:

In addiiton to the normal box we got a few extra bonus items this month! I love when POPSUGAR surprises us with little bonuses, and this box was packed with them.

Jack + Lucy Pillow and Blanket Set ($49.99): The standout this month was this adorable pillow and blanket set! The fabric is oh-so-soft, the pattern is modern and chic, and I can easily see myself snuggling up with a good book on a cold wintry night with these at my side. I couldn’t find any info about the brand or this product, but I really love these! The blanket is on the smaller side and the pillow is small enough to tuck into a carry on, so this set would be excellent for travel as well.

Perpetual Shade Dream On Cotton Lux Sleep Mask ($39): I was very surprised by this item. I saw that we were getting a sleep mask this month and kind of rolled my eyes (I roll my eyes a lot), but when I had it in my hands I just… got it. The cotton is soft, heavy, and downright dreamy. It blocks out all light, feels light as a feather on your face, and even has its own carrying case! I am totally into this sleep mask.

Lollia Life Dream Perfumed Shower Gel ($22): I have loved Lollia products for years! They always smell amazing and yet are fine for my sensitive skin. I’m always thrilled when I get them in boxes, and so when my box arrived I immediately pulled this honeysuckle hand cream from the box and slathered it on my hands. Guys, this is not hand cream. This is shower gel. I was SO CONFUSED. Anyway, it’s a terrible hand cream but a fantastic shower gel and, like every single other Lollia product, it smells incredible.

Patchology FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels ($20): Eye gels are the best. They’re the easiest thing to pamper yourself with (they literally take 5 minutes), they keep your complexion bright and your skin tight, and they feel so luxurious when you’re using them (think the 90s movie starlet with cucumbers on her eyes at a spa). I love that this is a 5-pack!

Framebridge $30 Gift Card ($30): After browsing the Framebridge website, I’m pretty intrigued. They are a pretty all-in-one framing company – they will print your images, custom frame them, and send them to you. They make framing easy, but they ain’t cheap. This $30 gift card is a nice addition to the box, but you’re still looking at a minimum of an additional $30-$100 for a decent frame. I do like that they office high quality printing, so you’re guaranteed to have a great piece in that frame. It seems that you can also mail them a photo/print that you’d like framed and they’ll handle everything on their end.

Donut Shop Keurig K-Cup Pods, 6-pack ($5): I’m not much of a coffee drinker and I don’t own a Keurig, so I don’t have much use for this one. I know coffee pods have taken over the home coffee brewer market, so I’m sure I’m in the dwindling minority for not really digging this item!

BONUS COUPONS: To go along with the K-Cups, POPSUGAR included a 50% off coupon for a new Keurig coffee maker! This is pretty awesome, I know decent coffee makers can be pretty expensive. My husband is considering dropping his Starbucks habit in exchange for a Keurig, so this may push him over the edge.

Also included was a $10 coupon for Lollia products! This is mega tempting for me, I am obsessed with every single scented product they make.


Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray ($2.50): I’m kind of pumped about this travel-sized spray. I am a hydration enthusiast, what with my extra-dry skin always getting on my nerves. I typically just use Aveeno, but having this little spray in my purse has come in handy on several occasions already! I dig the formula and I would even consider buying the full-size!

Quaker Toasted Coconut & Almond Crunch Overnight Oats ($1.50): It’s hilarious to get a single cup of oatmeal in a POPSUGAR box, but I happen to love oatmeal and overnight oats are delicious.

Nature’s Bakery Double Chocolate Brownie ($1): I’m not going to lie, these little brownies did not last very long. I couldn’t not give an honest review, so obviously I had to eat both of them immediately after photographing them. I consider it my Blogger’s Obligation. You’re welcome. If you’re interested, I found them to be delightfully chocolatey, gooey, and definitely on my grocery list.

Final Rating: A+

I loved this box. Even the bonus items were great, I love getting gift cards and coupons, and every single major item in the box was something I really liked a lot. The retail value of this box is roughly $171, which is crazy high. POPSUGAR usually blows it out of the water for their fall/winter boxes, so I’m not surprised at all how great this month’s was!








I bought this box, all opinions are my own. Post contains referral link.

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