Hey y’all! It’s time for a new box! The folks at Respyre reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their box and I was really pleased they did because I had never heard of their box before but once I did a little research, I knew our readers would love it!

And because they are lovely, they are offering Boxy Ladies readers a coupon code when they sign up for a new subscription. How rad is that? Use coupon code BOXY10 for 10% off! 

Respyre Wellness Box

Price: Plans start at $25/month

Box Type: Lifestyle & beauty, full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: Each box includes two wellness teas (in loose leaf), a wellness essence aromatherapy oil and a wellness light – aka a soy wax candle. Respyre wants you to commit time to yourself, discover and learn about new teas/scents and continue to relax and unwind all month long.

How to sign up: Click here! And use code BOXY10 for 10% off! 

This is what the box looks like when you open it up! This is actually a preview of the December box, so this is what you could expect to receive next month!

Here are the inserts they included this month. Tony from Respyre sent me a personalized note on the “Welcome to Respyre” card, which was really nice. The insert in this box was really helpful to me, as I am very new to the tea world and there is still a lot I don’t know. For example, they clarified which one had caffeine and which one would be good for before bed. That would have been a rough mistake to make!

Here’s everything in the box! Isn’t that presentation fantastic?

And here is everything a bit more clearly! I love the whole aesthetic – the modern fonts and graphics are nice and I love that teal color. One thing to note: the tea infuser does not come in a regular box, but you can add it to your box as an add-on. Tony just included it as a favor to me because I would have struggled with the loose leaf tea otherwise.

Wellness Tea – Citrus Tea: I love the little insert so much for telling me this tea is caffeinated. This is extremely helpful information! They also included instructions, as you are supposed to steep one-two teaspoons in water at 180 degrees for two-three minutes. (I don’t have a thermometer but… I’ll figure it out.) For more flavor, they suggest adding lemon. I’m really grateful the card included that information because I am a tea novice. (My plan was to google/text my mom who loves tea.) In addition to the instructions, they talked about the tea, as this is “an invigorating and anti-oxidant-rich tea, blended with zesty citrus, fragrant lemongrass and marigold, which has traditionally been used to help reduce inflammation. I like that the card includes information about the tea that will educate even the more experienced tea drinker but also helps out the beginners like me!

Wellness Tea – Lemon Lavender: They were nice enough to let me know that you could enjoy this tea at any time of the day, as it’s not caffeinated like the Citrus Tea. They suggest sipping before bed, as lavender and lemon verbena can help promote a good night’s sleep. And isn’t that the LITERAL dream? I was going to sip on some tea as I drafted this blog but it’s like 90 degrees in Texas right now and hot tea is just not in the cards. But, winter is coming, and so I’m looking forward to trying this on a cool night.

Wellness Essence – Citrus Lavender: The card says that the clean and uplifting scent of lemon improves any mood, and goes even further by marrying it with the fragrant and relaxing aroma of French lavender and the mild spicy-sweet succulence of juniper berry. I have a little oil warmer and I like the idea of adding some drops of this to scent my living room.

Wellness Light – Citrus Lavender: According to the insert, while most candles include synthetic paraffin and fragrance oils, this 100% plant-based wellness light is a natural and cleaner alternative. It combines soy wax with the aromatherapy benefits of pure lavender and citrus essential oils. The candle smells so nice, and even though it’s a little small, it would be nice for a bathroom or on the edge of the tub.

Final Grade: A

I love that the Respyre Wellness Box had a full theme and each of the items was citrus, lavender or a combination thereof. I didn’t notice that at first and then I was like, oh wait! There’s a theme! How cool!

I think this box will be fantastic for tea lovers who are adventurous and want to try new teas! However, even if tea isn’t your hobby, I think the whole idea of this box is really nice – take some time for yourself, breathe, relax. I also think it would definitely make a nice gift, which is something to think about as the holidays are fast approaching!

If you are interested in subscribing, click here! And don’t forget to use our code BOXY10 to save yourself 10%! 

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  1. Susan Martin
    November 8, 2017 at 7:10 pm (2 months ago)

    Hello Daughter, Yes, call me for a quick tea/tisane/herbal tutorial. Even tho the Citrus Green is basically a green tea and does have caffeine, it has much less than black tea or coffee. Just don’t drink it before bedtime. ❤️ 😴