I’ve been skipping most of my Julep boxes lately because… I think by now y’all know that I have a pretty extensive nail polish collection. But Julep has gotten me hooked on some of their basics, so I was set for a re-up by the time the Maven Window opened again.

Julep Maven

Price: $20/month but varies by what you choose

This month, I got 4 polishes in my box bringing my total to $39.16

Box Type: Mostly nail polish, but also some beauty and skincare products

Why you’ll love it: This is one of the best boxes out there because you get to actually choose what you get! Each month, Julep releases a new collection of different nail polish colors, beauty and skincare products and you get to choose which ones you want in your box.

How to subscribe: Click here for my referral link!

And here’s everything I chose this month! I know, it’s kind of anticlimactic, but that’s where we are with Julep at this point.

Jan ($11.20/Maven) Muted Cranberry Shimmer: I am really indo this burgundy shade this fall – and let’s face it, every fall- and so this was the only new polish I picked up.

Here’s Jan a little closer. I haven’t tried it on yet, but maybe later tonight!

Your Cuticles Look Thirsty ($16/Maven): I have tried a few different cuticle products from Julep, but this is a brand new one. Their previous one came in a little jar, and this one is in a handy tube that has a pointed rubber end, like a cuticle pusher. (I tried to take a picture of that below, but not sure how well that translated.) So far, I really like this! I keep it on my bedside table, and rub it into my cuticles while I’m reading or watching a YouTube video. It hasn’t been very long but I honestly think it’s already helping my cuticle situation, which I am pleased about.

Can you see the tip? Just the tip? (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID. I’M SORRY, THIS IS MY LIFE.)

Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops ($14.40/Maven): I can’t even tell you how many bottles of this I have purchased over the years. It’s one of my ride-or-die nail products that I use every time I do my nails, and I was completely OUT. The last couple months, Julep didn’t have it as an option to put in a Maven box, which is why I held off, but it was back this time! I hate paying full-price for this, so I enjoy when I can get this in my monthly box. (Not to mention how easy it is to skip months when you are not interested in any new products!)

Final Grade: A

I’m definitely pleased with all of the Julep products I got in my monthly box this month! Obviously, I knew I would love the Ta Da! drops, but the cuticle cream is really nice and I’m excited about the color of polish I chose this month as well!

If you are interested in subscribing, click here!

And check out their newest mystery box here! I love Julep holos and so… I might get this, too.

November Mystery Box

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