When Lauren told me about this brand spankin’ new box, Bottom of the Well, I was immediately intrigued. If you’re like me, when you travel to a new place, you look up all the coolest spots where locals like to hang out – breweries, dive bars, latest openings, that sort of thing. While you’re there you grab a souvenir or two, maybe a t-shirt or pint glass, and remember fondly the time you spent there every time you use that memento.

Imagine if you could have that experience without the costly plane ticket or long road trip? Enter Bottom of the Well. This refreshingly original monthly box finds the hippest bars across the country and brings them to your doorstep in a really cool way. In addition to a high quality t-shirt featuring custom artwork and an item of bar swag (glass, flask, bottle opener, etc.) for the bar featured that month, your box comes with a pretty solid VR headset to view a virtual reality tour featuring interviews and a real sense of the vibe of each place. This is some next level subscription box stuff. Color me seriously impressed.

Bottom of the Well

Price: $29.95/month

Box Type: Monthly lifestyle, alcohol, & travel

Why you’ll love it: Learn about the coolest bars across the country, get swag from each one, and “visit” each place with the included VR set and custom video tour!

How to sign up: Click here!  Use this link and code BOXYGIRLS to save 25% off your first box!

Check out what was in my first Bottom of the Well box:

This month’s featured bar was Alibi’s in San Antonio, TX. This little dive bar caters to locals and is is appropriately off the beaten path. It seems like the type of local watering hole you’d be just as likely to hunker down in to watch a game, grab a drink after work, and head to for some birthday shots. I loved the write-up on the BotW site; it convinced me that if I’m ever in San Antonio that I should definitely stop by and say hi.

Guys, I LOVE this shirt. It’s super soft, lightweight, and the design is freaking awesome. Bottom of the Well custom designs a shirt for each bar they feature using elements from its history and personality.

From the Bottom of the Well site:
“The shirt design encompasses several components of the Alibis’ story.  First and foremost was the placement of the railroad, St. Paul’s Square, which quickly converted the 1876 home into business after business, which is why the train is front and center.  We have the roses representing the women who frequented the then Blue Light Bar (circa 1904) matched with the crossed fingers that symbolized the army men hoping to get lucky that night.  The eye on the front of the train is meant to embody the spirit of progress and development, because the house has witnessed so much transition in it’s hundred and thirty year history.  Finally the Alibi tagline, ‘Don’t go home without one’ rounds out the shirt design.” 

How cool is that?

The unisex shirts are all American Apparel and EXTREMELY soft and cozy. Plus, they come in a range of sizes. Mine fits perfectly and looks really good with some skinny jeans!

The box included this VR headset to view the virtual reality content specifically made for Alibi’s! The 5 minute video featured the owner, the bar manager, a bartender, and some locals at the bar. It was creatively edited, fun to watch, and definitely rounded out the experience of “visiting” the bar. It was definitely a really unique addition to the bar swag!

This month’s box came with a Bottom of the Well shot glass and a fun sticker! I happen to collect shot glasses from all over the world, so this fits right in with my collection.

Final Rating: A+

It is really rare that a new subscription box blows me away. The originality of the box concept is seriously refreshing, and I loved how everything – the shirt, headset, shot glass/sticker, and even the VR content – was high-quality and well-executed. The box combines two of my biggest passions, traveling and bar culture, and I had just about given up on a box like this coming to market. I’m so glad this one has, and I can see these guys growing in a big way. I’m very excited to see where they head next month!

Don’t forget to click here and use code BOXYGIRLS to save 25% off your first box!



This box was sent as a press sample, all opinions are my own. 




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