So, I definitely remember choosing to get a Julep Maven box this month, but I honestly thought I chose different products, since the December collection featured a bunch of new holographic shades and somehow I didn’t end up with any of them, which does not seem right. (Pretty sure I customized my box and then did not click to save it. Womp, womp.) Either way, I do like most of what I received, so not a total loss.

Julep Maven

Price: $20/month but varies by what you choose

This month, I got 3 polishes and a lip product, and my box total was $20. 

Box Type: Mostly nail polish, but also some beauty and skincare products

Why you’ll love it: This is one of the best boxes out there because you get to actually choose what you get! Each month, Julep releases a new collection of different nail polish colors, beauty and skincare products and you get to choose which ones you want in your box.

How to subscribe: Click here for my link!

Kayleigh – Holly Berry Iridescent Shimmer – ($14): I am sure I’d find it if I really tried, but I couldn’t remember if I had a true, bright red, and I thought this would be seasonally appropriate.

Addi – Lustrous Silver Metallic – ($14): Now, I KNOW I have silvers in my collection, but this one looked different. It’s so shiny that it’s almost chrome/reflective. It’s the first one I used, and it’s very pretty.

Emaline – Chestnut Iridescent Shimmer – ($14): This is similar to some that I have but a little more brown than purple, so I thought it would be different enough, but still nice and dark for the fall/winter months.

Here are the swatches of the three polishes.

It’s Whipped – Lip Locked – Garnet Rouge Matte – ($20): I have tried the It’s Whipped formula before and I didn’t like it because it doesn’t dry all the way down, and therefore moves around a lot. However, I had only tried some of the darker colors and I thought I would try a different color. I honestly don’t remember picking this color this month, because I think I would have chosen another one. Nonetheless, I think I still feel the same. I tried it on just when I was doing some chores around the house- not eating or drinking anything- and it got so far outside of my lip line that it was comical. I don’t understand this product and why people like it when it is such a damn mess! Maybe a lip liner would help but it’s a lot of work for a matte lip color. Sigh. I hate this formula so much.

Final Grade: B, but only for the lip color.

I’m a little disappointed that I don’t think I received the polish colors I initially thought that I chose, but I still think I ended up with some good ones. I still hate the It’s Whipped formula and truly do not understand why it exists, but I guess there are some people who do like it. They are wrong, but you know. 😉

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Purchased; All opinions are my own
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