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I had heard that Boxycharm can be a little hit or miss at times, but that the majority of the boxes are awesome. This is only my third Boxycharm so far, but I have yet to get a mediocre box from these guys! As usual, the box was stuffed to the gills with full-sized products that I really liked.


Price: $21/month (or less if you subscribe for multiple months)

Box Type: Beauty products, 4-6 full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: In each box you will receive 4-6 full-size beauty items from top brands ranging from makeup to skincare, beauty tools to color cosmetics. Each box has a value of $100+. Brands range from emerging to established, and you’re guaranteed to find a few new favorites in each box. Plus there are a lot of interactive features on their website to get the most out of your box!

How to sign up: Just click here!

Check out what was in my third Boxycharm box:

Two palettes, a brush, a full-size mascara, and a lip product! Damn.

Beaute Basics Bronze Essentials ($39.95): This bronzing palette is gooooorgeous. I was concerned it would be a little dark for me (I’m super pale), but with a light hand it worked beautifully. I love how you can swirl the gold into the bronzer for a shimmer look, or use the colors individually (the gold worked great as a highlight for me).

Real Her Blush Kit ($32): I was not impressed by this palette when I first opened the box, but it has since grown on me. The colors appeared really shimmery at first:

I’m not sure if the shimmer is super fine or if it’s just a coating on top of the product, but once it was on my skin it didn’t appear shimmery at all. Full disclosure, I haven’t tried the hot pink one yet, and that seems to be the sparkliest of all, so it’s possible that I will not love that one. It takes a lot of convincing for me to put a bright hot pink sparkly blush on my face, let’s be real.

Tarte Tartesist Lash Paint ($23): People love this mascara, so I’m so glad that this is a full-sized product and I get to give it a real try instead of a small sample sized version. This mascara claims to be hugely volumizing for instantly amped up lashes. My lashes could use a little help, so bring it on.

Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick ($24): This is the only product this month that I’m not thrilled with. I don’t use lip products very often, so this is mostly a personal problem, but if I was to use a liquid lipstick I probably would not use a metallic liquid lipstick. Granted, the reviews for this product are stellar, and the pictures of it look amazing, but I don’t know if I’m daring enough to wear it. Eeeeek.

Crown Cosmetics WH035 Pro Blush Brush ($12): I was surprised how much I liked this brush, but not for its intended use. It says it’s a blush brush, but I prefer a wider, more loosely packed natural brush for blush (again, I’m super pale, I need to go easy on blush application). Instead, I like this brush more for contouring. It’s super soft and blends nicely, but it’s a smaller brush so it’s better for more precise application.

Final rating: A+

Guys. This box cost $21 and its retail value is over $130. That is simply unheard of in the subscription box world! That’s some Popsugar level value, but Popsugar costs twice as much. This is the third Boxycharm I’ve gotten and the third one that I’ve loved; I have a feeling this trend will continue into the new year!

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I bought this box, all opinions are my own. Post contains referral links.



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