Welcome back to one of my all-time favorite boxes- The Zoe Report Box of Style! Full disclosure: I get this box in PR, but y’all know that I was still buying this box for myself anyway until recently. However, I realized that was a little silly as I really didn’t need TWO of these boxes, but that should tell you that I am def willing to spend my own money on this! The editors from The Zoe Report have a great eye for all things lifestyle, beauty and fashion – and how could they not, under the watchful eye of Rachel Zoe herself? This box is always a treat.

The Zoe Report Box of Style

Price: $99.99 quarterly

Box Type: Lifestyle & beauty, full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: Imagine getting a sleek box containing over $400 worth of products hand-selected by Rachel Zoe and The Zoe Report editors delivered right to your door—sounds too good to be true, right? Consider your stars aligned, because that’s exactly what you get when you spend just $99.99 on a Box of Style. Bringing Rachel’s unparalleled sense of glamour to the masses, this coveted subscription box ships seasonally—that’s four times annually—and is filled with an expertly styled assortment of fashion, beauty and lifestyle obsessions that’ll keep you looking and feeling chic year-round.

How to sign up: Click hereUse coupon code BOXYLSU10 to get $10 off of the Winter box or BOS20 for $20 off of an annual subscription!

Every Box of Style comes with an insert that has a note from Rachel and contains little notes about why the editors of The Zoe Report chose each item, plus tips on how to use the items.

Rachel Zoe for Box of Style – Box Clutch ($115): This clutch was designed by Rachel Zoe exclusively for Box of Style, so you won’t find this on any retail site, but you might be able to score it for a sweet discount on ebay or poshmark, or one of those re-sale sites. I wish I had gotten my box a little sooner because I absolutely would have used it for a few holiday parties I was going to! That said, this is a timeless clutch that I see myself using for fancy events in the future. They offered a black version also but I thought the white looked so beautiful! You could really see the pearl-y texture. It came with the removable chain strap, just in case you need your hands free.

Unreal Fur – Faux Fur Stole ($85): I was looking on their site for this product and their site navigation was so abysmal that I actually sent them an email about it. I wasn’t trying to be a bitch but I almost clicked off of their site and never looked back, but instead, decided to share my experience with them. I actually really do like this faux fur stole tho! I wasn’t able to find this exact product (I mean, it might be on their site but the site sucks so who knows), but I linked something really similar for $99, if you were interested! Like the clutch, I wish I had received the box a little sooner because it’s so lovely but a lil too fancy for every day. It would have been perfect for my holiday party look! However, I am glad that I have this tho! I think it will actually look really cute with my cape. I might even be able to dress it down a bit with a moto jacket.

Sugar Paper – The Agenda ($48): I love paper products. Let me say it again: I LOVE PAPER PRODUCTS. I love stationary. I love planners. I love pens. (SO MUCH.) I love markers. I love basically everything you can find in the school supply section. Not only that… I LOVE the brand Sugar Paper. If y’all haven’t bought their wrapping paper from Target, you are SLEEPING ON THIS! Every year, which Target does a sale on their Christmas stuff the weekend after Thanksgiving, I *go in* and basically get like 10 rolls. Because all of it coordinates so well together and makes it look like you are so much better at wrapping presents than you actually are. Everything is just so pretty and modern.

So what’s the issue? I already have a planner. I actually have two other planners because I clearly have A PROBLEM. But if I didn’t? This is so lovely, I would totally use it. So! My problem is your gain! If you want this planner and live in the US/Canada, leave a comment below! I’ll send the planner to the first one who comments, so get to it!

The inside of this planner looks exactly like some of the wrapping paper that I love! It is gold foiled, which might be hard to see from the pics.

The text is pretty light, but this is the inside.

House of Harlow 1960 – Mesa Door Knocker Earrings ($115): Seriously, I WISH I had these for my holiday party! OK, OK. I will stop saying that. But seriously, so many things in this box are just so perfect for a holiday party! But these are also just a great statement earring for a night out so I’m sure I will wear them soon! Though I’ll be honest – House of Harlow is a famous accessories brand from Nicole Richie, and given the price point on some of their items, I was expecting the quality to be a little better than it was. It’s not horrible or anything, but honestly, very similar to BaubleBar. And not to knock Baublebar – 80% of my jewelry is from Baublebar. It’s just that BaubleBar is a fraction of the cost of House of Harlow.

Tarte – Sex Kitten Liquid Liner ($20): THAT LID, Y’ALL. I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t take a picture of the tip, but it’s very fine. And the formula is really nice – it lasts for a really long time! I don’t wear a ton of liquid liner. as I have hooded eyes and honestly you can’t see much eyeliner at all on my lids, not to mention a wing being laughably pointless. But I do wear it sometimes when I’m trying to hide a false lash band, so this seems like it will be nice for that! However, if you DO like making a wing, I think this will work really well!

Osea – Essential Hydrating Oil ($68): I wasn’t totally sure what this was at first, but it’s apparently a combination of a few different types of oils that is meant for face. The oils are: Geranium, Jojoba, Macadamia, Rosewood and Lavender. I haven’t tried this yet, but this sounds perfect for the dry winter months. Might be nice to put a drop or two into my lotion or even pat a bit on my neck/decolletage.

Final Grade: A

The Winter Zoe Report Box of Style had a value of around $450 which is incredible for a $100 box. This is def one of my favorite subscriptions, and definitely one of the most special in terms of quality and variety of brands.

If you are interested in picking up a box for yourself, click hereDon’t forget to use coupon code BOXYLSU10 for $10 off the Winter box or BOS20 for $20 off of an annual subscription! And don’t forget to comment for a chance to win the Sugar Paper planner!!!

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  1. Megan Hebel
    January 15, 2018 at 7:37 am (1 month ago)

    I love this box! I’m a planner addict and would love to win this beautiful little black book! Thanks for another awesome review!

    • laurenelectro
      January 15, 2018 at 7:41 am (1 month ago)

      It’s yours! I’ll message you!

      • Pattie Anderson
        January 15, 2018 at 7:55 am (1 month ago)

        Congrats, Megan!