BaubleBar is my fave site for fashionable costume jewelry, but there are seasons and times when I don’t love everything they have. Now is NOT one of those times. I got many of the pieces in this blog for Christmas, but I do think I bought a few as well. What is hilarious is that almost all of these were on my Christmas list at one point, but I did buy a couple things for myself. One day, I got two Baublebar packages in the mail. One of them contained some Christmas presents I had bought some of my pals but I was staring at some of the things in the other one and I honestly couldn’t remember ordering them. But I was like, eh, looks like something I would buy so *shrug.* Then a day or so later, Melissa was like, “Did you get your Christmas present?” Whoops. 😆

When I see it all laid out like this, it looks like a lot. And… you’re right, it is. But it was Christmas!

Mariela Hoop Earrings in Black ($42): I love giant black earrings. You’ll notice this trend as the blog goes on. But I do wear a lot of black, they go with so much and they just honestly elevate many looks and makes it look like you give more of a shit than you might actually.

Little Studs: I can’t find the name of these, but I also can’t find them on the Baublebar site anymore! I think these are great for wearing when running errands or even to the gym. They are small and cute. They make it look like you’re trying a little, even if you really aren’t.

Play by Ear ($48): These circle earrings came in a trio that was in a holiday gift set that doesn’t exist anymore! I liked the other pairs just fine but honestly I really wanted the trio for these dainty circle earrings! (You can mix and match and get a cute trio of earrings with the link I provided, if you are interested. I can’t find the circle earrings tho.)

Samba Ball Drops in Black ($38): See Big Black Earring Explanation Above.

Chelsea Drop Earrings ($36): So it’s hard to tell from this picture but the pointy end goes through your ear and then will hang down in the back. So you’ll have the pearl drops at the front and a delicate gold chain in the back. I think this is a cool, modern take on pearls, which I do like wearing. But I like wearing pearls in modern ways, such as this. 🙂

Gabriella Stud Tassel Earrings in Black ($48): This was my first pair of Big Black Earrings, which made me realize I needed MOAR. Then… I clearly received more. I love these.

Tango Ball Drops in Plum ($28 – on sale!): In the fall, I love plum/wine colored things. Well, quite honestly, I like plum/wine things year round. I just really love this color. These aren’t quite as versatile as the black ones (obviously) but I do really love these a lot. I love this unique take on a tassel earring, with the tiny tassels at the bottom. So cute.

Segno Everyday Fine Pendant Necklace ($62): Baublebar is trying to play us a little bit with some of their prices these days. However, their Everyday Fine line has higher quality materials than their usual. Here’s what Baublebar says:

EVERYDAY FINE COLLECTION: Hand-crafted with 18K-gold plated sterling silver, think of it as your all day jewelry foundation (and think of it often). In this case, X does mark the spot. This easy to pair piece is a great way to add some color to your layered look. OUR 18K GUARANTEE: The Everyday Fine collection is hand-crafted using 18K gold that stands up to wear, tear, and tarnish better than many wildly expensive brands.

When I first spotted this necklace, I fell in love with it, but I did not love the price tag. But  my wonderful Mother-in-Law always spoils me for Christmas and she got this for me. I’ve been wearing it almost every day since! It’s just so beautiful and neutral and easy for every day. And it doesn’t compete with my Big Black Earrings. 🙂

Crystal Snake Ear Crawlers ($36 – currently sold out): When I saw these, I got them SO FAST. First, because I am a die hard Swiftie and I love how she took back the “snake” narrative from Kim K. “Oh, you think I’m a snake? I’ll be the biggest snake you’ve ever seen, and will create a huge publicity campaign around it, so thanks for the idea – you just made me so much money.” Also, I’m forever Team Slytherin. It’s just who I am. So… I needed some snake earrings. And now I have them. I have a feeling I will wear these to the Taylor Swift concert this year.

Taylor Tassel Earrings ($42): I have been wanting some teal tassel earrings for a long time and now I have them!

Blue/gold earrings: These were a free gift with purchase and I can’t find them anywhere on the site! They work the same as the pearl earrings above, with the gold drop in the back and the blue tassels in front. They are super cute.

What do you think? Which are your faves of everything that I’ve gotten recently? Do you think I’m set on jewelry for awhile or nah? (Literally bought another pair of earrings as I was looking up links for this post. What can I say. I have a problem.

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