I’ve had my eye on Zoeva brushes for awhile but I hadn’t pulled the trigger. I put them on my Christmas list but when I didn’t get them, I decided to get them with my fantasy football winnings. And one other brush. After all, they were coming from Germany. Might as well. I almost got an eyeshadow palette but decided to hold off, since I’m swimming in palettes right now.

The Opulence Brush set is $100 (plus shipping). It took about three weeks for the brushes to make their way to me from Germany. I wish the shipping times were faster, because I’m an impatient Amazon Prime-loving gal. But good things don’t always come fast.

They came in this vegan leather (aka PLEATHER) pouch.

I like this little tag inside that says, “Sometimes more is simply more.” I also love the satin floral fabric inside.

And here are all the brushes! There are nine in total. I haven’t used every single one  yet but the ones I have used… so good. More details below.

135 Petit Face Definer: I haven’t used this one yet, but it looks like it will be really nice for a soft contour.

104 Buffer: This is a GORGEOUS brush. In the last year or so, I have only used Morphe flat-topped kabuki brushes so wow. Using one that is of the highest quality is so nice. The bristles are so soft, and spread out my foundation SO nicely. This is my new holy grail.

110 Face Shape:

142 Concealer Buffer: I have been wanting the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer which is in a pot, so I finally got it. This brush is PERFECT for applying it.

227 Soft Definer: I haven’t used this yet, but it looks beautiful for laying down a wash of color.

223 Petit Eye Blender: This is great for applying some color in the outer corner. I used it this morning and it was great, even on my hooded lids.

233 Cream ShaderI haven’t used this one yet, but it looks like it would be nice if I ever were to attempt a cut crease, or even just try to apply shimmery shadow without my finger, this could be good.

331 Precision LipI haven’t used this one yet either, as I don’t use lip brushes super often. But I do use them occasionally when wearing tricky dark shades. Sometimes I will use a lip brush for concealer AROUND the tricky dark shade.

137 Petit FanI haven’t used this one yet either but I think this will be so nice for a little pop of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones. Especially if I am layering highlighter (which I do, because #extra), this will be nice for the lightest one.

317 Wing LinerI haven’t used this one yet and quite honestly, this is probably the one I will use the least. I don’t wear winged liner very often (hooded lid problems) so this brush might collect dust. Hey, not every brush will work for every person!

Luxe Crease 228 ($11.50): My favorite brush is a crease brush. I will never have enough crease brushes. Will always want more. So, because the set didn’t come with one, I decided to get this rose gold crease brush. It’s so pretty! And works SO WELL.

Final Grade: A+

I have been using cheaper brushes (which are honestly great, too!) for so long that I honestly kind of forgot how nice a luxe brush could be. These Zoeva brushes are bomb, and I would honestly love to have more.

I plan on getting one or two Zoeva eyeshadow palettes the next time I shop there, and I’ll probably get a few more brushes as well. (Probably crease brushes, tbh. I have a problem, send help.)

Purchased; All opinions are my own

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