I saw this favorites format on Meg Biram’s blog (which is totally lovely, btw), and I totally loved it, and thought Jill and I would be able to make this work for us! We’re bringing back Friday Favorites, y’all! Maybe not every Friday, but def some Fridays, for sure.

WEARING — I am pretty much obsessed with my Frye riding boots. (These are very similar, but can’t find my exact ones online.) I got them two years ago and then it like, never got cold in Texas again so I barely got to wear them. It’s been cold a lot lately, so I’ve been giving these guys a workout. Additionally, my black boots were recently ruined in a Cat Incident, so these are really the only boots I have.

ON MY FACE — I recently was lucky enough to pick up Kat Von D’s Metal Matte palette during a flash sale on Sephora! This palette sold out a few years ago, and when Kat Von D says “limited edition,” they ACTUALLY mean limited edition. They aren’t trying to create scarcity for marketing purposes – when their limited edition stuff is gone, it’s usually gone for good. Until now! My good friend Loren sent me a text about it when I was at lunch and I was like. “IT’S A MAKEUP EMERGENCY!” And bought it immediately, since I had always regretted not getting it. It’s a gorgeous palette, and I’ve really been enjoying playing around with it!

SHOPPING — I’ve been doing my best to NOT shop very much, but I did just convert my ebates check into an Ulta gift card, so stay tuned for a lil haul coming soon! (You’re using ebates, right? It’s FREE MONEY, y’all. I just got almost $100 to spend at Ulta. Just for doing shopping I would have done anyway. Use this link to sign up today!)

LISTENING — I’ve been obsessed with the Spotify Cranberries Radio Station ever since the passing of Delores O’Riordan. It’s just all of my 90s nostalgia in a playlist/station. I was listening to that for WEEKS. Then, I just found the “2000s & Chillin” playlist, which my mid-2000’s hipster heart loves so much. It starts out with some Strokes and moves into White Stripes, MGMT, The Killers, Arcade Fire and so many more. There are definitely some songs I skip through but so many of these songs are a trip down memory lane.

BURNING — My current favorite candle scent is one from Pier 1 called Vintage Linens. I have candles and fragrance oil in this particular scent because I love it so much. Y’all know I’m bad at describing scents, so I’ll let my people do it for me: A blend of orange blossom, sweet mimosa and white hyacinth, intermingled with rose petals, night-blooming jasmine and white peach. Pier 1 has a bunch of different fragrance products you could get in this scent, so you can take your pick.

WATCHING — I am currently annoying all of my friends and family members because I won’t stop telling them to watch Halt and Catch Fire. It was originally on AMC but you can watch all four seasons on Netflix right now. It is set in the 80’s and it’s about the beginning of the big computer race between IBM, Mac, Microsoft and a little fictional company that tries to throw their hat in the ring. It started out focusing on two guys and a gal but it really ended up being a show primarily about the friendship and partnership between two brilliant, imperfect, complicated women. The characters are just so wonderful. I still think about them as if they are real people, but when a show is that good, it stays with you! Please watch it. I desperately want to talk about it and NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME.

READING — My homegirl (well, I think we are homegirls since she has liked a few tweets of mine, so we are basically besties) Alafair Burke just released her brand new book, The Wife, and it’s fantastic! It has all of my favorite qualities: it’s a psychological thriller with a female lead and while it doesn’t have “girl” in the title, “wife” is pretty close. I didn’t read the summary before buying the book because I am weird but I know other people need more information, so here’s the 411: The main character Angela’s quasi-famous husband is accused of sexual assault by a few women. (Topical!)  So she has to decide if she’s going to stand by her husband and ultimately, whether she can trust him at all anymore. I’m only halfway through but I’m definitely enjoying this, and I highly recommend! And while I recommended Libby in my recent book blog, I actually bought this one because I wanted to support the author who, as we’ve established, is my best friend.

I hope y’all have had an awesome week and will have an even more awesome weekend!


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