Yay! I finally got a decent Wantable box! I’ve been waiting and wondering if I would ever get a good one and I did! Redemption is mine!


I had been worried about what October’s box would bring considering my first Intimates box and my totally scary and horrifying Accessories box but I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t say I am in LOVE with any of the items but I like them all and that’s a major improvement.

This is the page they include with my preferences clearly marked at the top left and then a list of the products and their retail prices. They also include comments and how to wear the different items.


Onto the goods! This cute nightie was one I had seen on other blogs that had received cute Wantable boxes so I’m glad I got it also. It’s valued at $42 which I think is a bit excessive for what it is, but I think it’s cute and my boobs fit into it.


I tend to wear a lot of tank tops around my house so this pretty pink racerback tank is perfect. Valued at $30 which I think is a bit much but I’ll wear it! It is super soft so it will be awesome to sleep in.


I was a little confused about this Coobie bra they included. I couldn’t really tell if it was a decorative sports bra or what?


But I referred to the card and it says, “A beautiful lace panel provides a perfect cover up for one’s cleavage. Features adjustable straps and removable pads.” It seems like the straps are removable too? I’m not entirely sure how I’ll wear this. Might be cute with a tank top or something? Or days when I don’t want to deal with an underwire. It’s valued at $22.

Weirdly, my favorite item in the box was the pair of knee socks they included.


Along with my racerback tank, I wear sweat shorts and knee socks all the time around the house so I’m excited to have a new pair. I already put them on and I’m wearing them right now!

I’d rate this box a solid B. This is a huge¬†improvement over anything they’ve previously sent so I’m pleased they were able to redeem themselves a bit. I’ll hold onto this subscription for another month to see if this upwards trend continues! Click here if you are interested in signing up for Wantable Intimates!

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