I have to say, I’m extremely excited that it’s Friday. Not only for the obvious reasons but now it’s much closer to Saturday which means I’m that much closer to my new washing machine. It broke at the beginning of the week and so we had to replace it. Didn’t get anything fancy but I’m ready to do some laundry. Matt is in worse shape than me… I think he’s been buying clean clothes. Anyway… onto some of my favorite things this week!


I received an awesome grey nail polish called Devon in my November Julep Maven box and I finally got a chance to wear it. I think it’s now my very favorite grey nail polish, which is high praise from me. It wears slightly darker than it looks in the bottle but it has a beautiful sheen and it has LASTED for almost a week without a base coat or top coat.  



  • I also learned this week that one of my favorite bands, Tegan and Sara, is going to release a 10 year anniversary special edition of one of my favorite albums, So Jealous. If you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you are definitely familiar with Tegan and Sara. Their songs have played on various episodes over the years but if you’ve stayed for the long haul, you’ll know the song that Meredith and Cristina danced to on Cristina’s last episode, “Where Does The Good Go?” So Jealous X is going to include 3 discs with over 20 songs including previously unreleased demos and b-sides, new remixes, and covers. They are also releasing a book with a ton of photos and interviews from different people who were around and involved in the making of the album. I think this is going to be so cool! I’m not entirely sure when I can pre-order the album but the book is coming out in December.

  • I’m still all about That Skimm Life. I’ve mentioned my love of The Skimm before- the best news site ever. Basically they email me the top stories in the world every Monday-Friday and I now am informed about what is going on around me. I’m trying to earn Skimmbassador status (basically, I get my name in the news which is obviously important) so click the above link if you want to start learning about the world just like I do. We can have conversations about current events. It will be fun.
  • I received my first e.l.f. Beauty Bundle (review coming soon) but there is one standout product I have to tell you about RIGHT NOW because that’s how much I like you all. The e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow palette is the real deal. The one they sent me was in Smoke. They also have a Naked palette and one I am less interested in called Sunset. The formula of these $10 palettes rival Urban Decay and other high end eye shadows at a fraction of the cost. I went ahead and tried on all of them at once (what’s restraint?) and the results did make me look insane but I am able to verify how awesome the texture is. They are definitely powder shadows but they are so finely milled that they almost feel like a cream shadow. Please run, don’t walk to Target and buy one for yourself. I did a mixture of the green and the blue and it was soooo pretty.


  • Don’t forget to sign up for ebates, unless you just hate money.




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