My December Wantable Intimates box came today and this is a box that I have grown to really love over the past few months. For $36/month Wantable sends you a box of 3-4 intimates/loungewear pieces based on a survey of preferences you fill out when you sign up. My first few boxes weren’t totally successful but I LOVED last month’s box and this month is pretty decent also. I think my boxes have improved based on updating my survey from my initial submission. Wantable always has 100% free, no hassle returns so if you are thinking about getting a box, there is really no risk. If you initially get a box you are unhappy with, just send it back and tweak your profile! You will get better things eventually, I promise you. I am wearing my fleece pajama pants I got in last month’s box. These things were life changing.


Here is a picture of some of this month’s goodies. Not pictured is the red pajama set that I put in a separate picture below.  This month I received fleece lined leggings, a black flowy camisole, a pair of undies and a red pajama set. For $36, I think that is a pretty good deal!

I’ll talk about the leggings first… I had heard about fleece lined leggings before but I always forget they exist when I am in a store so I’ve never thought to buy any. These might be a game changer. They are pretty opaque black, (but not PANTS black. Let’s not forget that we aren’t wearing PANTS when we wear tights/leggings, ladies. A dress and or long shirt are necessary.) VERY soft on the inside and incredibly warm. I am excited to wear these with a dress that I have that got slightly too short to wear without tights/leggings under it. But really, these are functional leggings that can be worn any time! These were a great addition. IMG_1124.JPG

They also included this red pajama set. My camera is making it look hot pink but it is definitely red. I felt a little like Santa when I put it on, it is THAT red. And I ate too much ice cream tonight. (It’s a bit wrinkled but that is because I just pulled it out of that tiny box.) But I really like pajama sets that come with shorts because I never sleep in pants. And in winter, I like the long sleeve, shorts combo. When I go to buy pajamas at the store, I tend to buy pieces that coordinate but don’t  completely MATCH. This is a bit much in terms of 100% RED but in terms of receiving something soft and nice to sleep in, it’s a win. IMG_1127.JPGThis camisole was kind of confusing. You can see in the picture that it kind of drapes, so there are kind of two pieces to it. it’s partly sewn up but also partly not. So in the middle of that drapey part is essentially a hole. This piece was probably a bit too big for me. I started putting Large on my camisole pieces because I was receiving tank tops that were supposed to be sort of flowy that were just too tight on me. This is something that I think is meant to be slightly tighter but for lounging around the house, it doesn’t really matter. But if I have a friend come over that fits into this better than me, I will likely give it to her.


The undies they included are VERY cute. (Editor’s note: I hate the word “panties” and this will be the first and last time I say it on the blog. I just wanted to clarify why I always say “undies.”) I think these are super sexy so I wanted to include the front and back view of these to show the little details. I love the three bows on the front with the ruffles, and I love the one little bow and keyhole on the back. I also really like the contrasting colors. These are fancier undies than I would normally buy but it’s nice to feel fancy sometimes.



I’m rating this month’s Wantable Intimates box a solid B. I love the undies and leggings and will likely start wearing both this week. I also love receiving pajamas and although they are a bit intense by being 100% red, they are definitely seasonal and also soft and comfortable. The only thing bringing this down to a B is the wonky camisole that I’m not entirely sure about. But I have found my Wantable boxes keep on improving each month so this is one that I highly recommend to my friends. Feel free to click this referral link if you are interested in checking out Wantable for yourself!

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