Y’all. I am totally and completely charmed by A Kitchen Box. I was browsing Twitter one day when I wasn’t posting dumb things about reality TV and I came across A Kitchen Box’s Twitter account which led me to having a wild hair to email them and ask if we could review a box. (We do that sometimes. Success rate varies.) I was so pleased when they wrote me back in a very timely manner and said, “Sure!” Soon after I got my box, I had to go out of town so I hadn’t been able to really focus on it til now. Spoiler alert: it’s delightful. I loved the cute note they included letting me know the theme of the box– Summer Alfresco!  FYI, A Kitchen Box is $30/mo with a subscription. (Side note: A Kitchen Box is put together by BFF’s who don’t live in the same town. As I was reading their site, they reminded me of Jill and I. I like to think we’d all be friends.) UPDATE: Because of my prediction of the gals from AKB and us being friends, they sent us a coupon code for our lovely readers to use to take $10 off their first box… the code is boxyladiesloveakb. Go forth and buy! I have to take a moment and enter a virtual praise hands emoji for their packaging. The colors and different layers of the box made it a joy to open. The products they included were varied and interesting and as functional as they are cute.  In addition to a cute card that describes the contents of the box, they also included a bright postcard and a card that gives you Entertaining Tips. I could always use entertaining tips. A main component of A Kitchen Box is… recipes!   The featured recipe was for a Summer Steak Salad by Better Homes and Gardens, who is a sponsor of this box. I loved that this recipe card appeared to be letterpressed and I have a penchant for letterpressed cards!

They also included the following recipes: Smoky Lime Dressing, Potato Salad with Mustard Dressing, Fresh Vegetable Chips with Caramelized Onion Dip, Watermelon Mint Coolers, Sunset Sangria, and Lemon Icebox Pie. I loved the inclusion of this cheery Flour Sack Towel from Now Designs. My mom always gives me new pretty dish towels for Christmas and so sometimes it doesn’t occur to me that I can get them at other times of the year. I’m glad I can. 😊

At first I wasn’t sure what this tiny Classic Whiteware Pitcher was for. It’s so tiny and cute. Apparently you can use it to serve dressings and sauces. I’m also thinking about using it as a bud vase. My mom has always sing the praises of Caspari paper. She’ll be jealous of my Caspari Summer Cocktail Napkins. I love the modern design and I can’t wait to use them at my housewarming party. I also love that they have the same golden yellow as the dish towel. I love continuity. They also included a dozen tulip cocktail picks.  The drinks I know how to make do not require cocktail picks but hey– I guess I should learn. Finally,  they included Savory Paprika Seasoning from BHG. I can only assume this works in some of their included recipes which is a nice touch. 
Bonus Item: A Kitchen Box always includes a free music download “for your kitchen playlist.”  I didn’t take a picture of this because I was too busy to black out the code and I didn’t want to just give it away! The song is “This Changes Everything” by The Last Bison.

Final Grade: A

A Kitchen Box gets a resounding A from me. Since I’ve recently canceled a box at the same price, I feel like there is a void in my life that needs to be filled… by this box! Matt and I are learning new recipes and so this could be a fun way to experience new ones while also receiving some fun lifestyle things!

If you’re also interested in subscribing to A Kitchen Box like me, click here! AKB sent our readers a code for $10 off  their first box! How cool is that? The code is simply: boxyladiesloveakb. 

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2 Comments on A Kitchen Box: The Alfresco Box

  1. Amanda Truedson
    May 29, 2015 at 9:24 am (3 years ago)

    What’s the monthly price of this box? I think I would love it!

    • laurenelectro
      May 29, 2015 at 9:26 am (3 years ago)

      Oh, that would have helped, wouldn’t it? It’s $30/mo.