Ladies and Gentlemen!

The summer Target box is here! I promised you I would tell you first thing in the morning when I heard of the next release so I’m making good on it. 

There are actually 2 boxes this time– A men’s Father’s Day box for $5 and a women’s Summer box for $7. 

These sell out very fast so act soon! Meaning, run don’t walk. 😊

I’ve heard they are having some website issues but I will send you all good box vibes in hopes you all get one! 

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    • I buy them FIRST THING when I see them come out. I didn’t even look to see what was in the damn boxes til a few hours later. Now I’m excited!

  1. So glad you put this message out! I saw it in my email and went directly to Target’s website! I only got the 1 women’s box.

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