When a rep from PRiMO reached out to me to chat about subscription boxes (they have an interest in getting into some of the ones I have reviewed), I felt they would make a good fit for a few food-centric boxes that I have received. This small, Denver-based company specializes in small-batch, artisinal spicy/sweet preserves and olive tapenades – which happens to be right up my alley.



With flavors like Blackberry Serrano and Blueberry Jalapeno, they are exactly the type of product I keep my fingers crossed for when I tear into my monthly food subscription boxes. I always want to try new things, especially exciting new brands that deserve shelf space in my kitchen. Unique, thoughtful flavor combinations allow for a variety of uses – sweet/spicy knows no bounds in my kitchen. I was intrigued by the PRiMO product list; I had to try them. PRiMO was kind enough to indulge me by sending a couple of flavors to sample.




As I eagerly awaited my jars of Smoky Chipotle Tapenade ($10) and Raspberry Habanero Preserves ($9) to arrive, I read about what makes this company tick. I appreciate solid branding, and I was immediately attracted to the throwback imagery with a twist. With a tagline of “Hand-crafted indie food”, you expect there to be a lot of love in their product. I was delighted to discover that they use locally-sourced fruit from pesticide-free farms – when a lot of care goes into food, you can tell. It just tastes better. Even nicer are the limited ingredients in each of their products. These are made to simply taste great and to showcase the flavors of the ingredients, not to spend the next decade on a dusty shelf laden with preservatives and additives that no human can identify. I dig it.


As soon as the package arrived, I headed to the kitchen, my ground zero, to try them. I had no crackers, so I did the thing that desperate foodies do when they need a neutral but delicious backdrop to a condiment – I seared some bread in really good butter (it’s delicious). It’s important to note how beautiful (and natural) the colors are. The raspberries are raspberry-colored, not bright red. The olives are olive-colored, not bright green. I cannot stress how much it grosses me out to see fake or enhanced food colors. These were fresh, and you could tell just by looking at them.



Speaking of freshness, words cannot express how downright perfect the Smoky Chipotle Tapenade was. Savory spreads often suffer from being over-processed to suit a long shelf-life, but this tapenade was absolute perfection. Seriously. This is going to be a staple in my house from here on out. The olives are tender, flavorful, and… just so damn fresh. The rich olive flavor gives way to a subtle smokiness from the chipotles and is just delicious.



The Raspberry Habanero preserves were just as tasty. The fruit isn’t over-sweetened with sugar (I like sweet things, but I really dislike overly sweet things), and the habanero gives it a nice kick. Not terribly spicy, so even the weakest-tongued tasters would be fine eating it, but spicy enough to be appreciated by pepper-heads like myself.

Final Rating: A+

This is exactly the kind of product that is made with quality in mind by a company you can respect. I am really glad I got to try these, I was not familiar with this brand or their products before they reached out to me, but now that I am I will actively seek them out. The price tag might be a little steep for some folks, but I can promise you that the contents are worth it.

Buon Appetito!


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