Remember that time when I discovered Colourpop Cosmetics and I reviewed four shadows? Yeah. That was cute. Now I have 17 shadows. The addiction is real. But here’s the thing, I haven’t touched my Urban Decay Naked palettes since I started my Colourpop collection and I may or may not have more on the way. And seriously… the full-size shadows are $5 each. That is drugstore prices for insanely good quality. So I can’t keep my hands off of them!

This time, I’m only reviewing my (current) eyeshadows but I’ve also purchased a couple blushes and lip products that I’ll show y’all later.

As you can tell, I was sort of on a neutrals kick.

Top Row: High Tide, Plunge, LaLa

Middle Row: Play, To-A-T, Rumor Has It Intoxicate

Bottom Row: on the Rocks, Game Face, Mooning

I’m not sure if you can tell, but On the Rocks is my very favorite. If you look closely, you can see that I’ve hit pan! That’s a big deal for makeup aficionados. We tend to get so much makeup that we don’t finish anything. But I’m so obsessed with it the I’ve already ordered a backup.

You can see the three colors in the middle row are matte. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the matte colors and it turns out, I don’t really care for the ones I got. They aren’t terrible but maybe I just haven’t played with them enough. But they aren’t in heavy rotation like the shimmers!

I think my lighter shimmers on the far left are a little hard to see. High Tide can also double as a highlighter on the face but I like putting it in the corners of my eyes to subtly brighten them, too!

Mooning is such a pretty color for a brown smoky eye, which I’ve been rocking on the regular with the combo of On the Rocks. It’s kind of my thing.  

Here is a slightly awkward video to show you the different shimmers of the shadows. This is a look I did when I was just playing around with my shimmery browns. Colourpop makeovers on a Saturday night for the win! 
Then I sort of got tired of neutrals and bought some more colorful pretties.

Top Row: Partridge, Hammered, Rex

Middle Row: Cricket, So Quiche, Bae

Bottom Row: Doe-A-Deer, 3

Here are the swatches! Same order as above.

I’m pretty in love with Partridge right now. I know, I know, it’s sort of in the brown family. But it has a green tint to it which makes it more interesting.

I also like wearing the various shades of purples at different times because they make my green eyes pop, hence Cricket, Bae and Doe A Deer.

I was super surprised that Bae looked so blue in the pot but came out so burgundy on the skin. Has such a pretty blueish shimmer though.

I’m surprisingly into that deep blue, Rex. It looks great as a smoky eye for a night out.

Here is another short but awkward video to show the different angles of the shimmers!

 Pardon the quasi-duck face but I was just playing around with Rex before going out one night. Easiest smoky eye ever. 
Sigh. I definitely have a Colourpop problem. But at $5 a (Colour) pop, how can I resist? I don’t even touch my other high end shadows anymore. I have no interest in Urban Decay Naked Smoky!

And with that said, I have more colors coming so I’ll do another Colourpop review very soon!

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