It’s the best time of the month, Popsugar time! Lauren and I both subscribe to the Popsugar Must Have box and get equally excited about it each month. If you’re not familiar with Popsugar, it’s a monthly box that sends you an awesome mix of beauty and lifestyle products for $39.99. It continues to be one of our favorite boxes because of the quality and interesting items that they always include – you get a lot of bang for your buck with Popsugar.


This month’s box was inspired by “beach days, easy travel, summer heat, 4th of July, stripes” – and it’s a good one! Lauren and i will review this one jointly as we take a look at what’s inside.

Signature Stripe Canvas Dopp Bag – $28 (Henri Bendel)

Jill: I need another toiletries bag like I need a hole in my head, but for some reason I really, really like this bag. The canvas is tough and great for travel – if something spills in this bag, it’s going nowhere. It’s also spacious enough to fit quite a few items. I dig it.

Lauren: I couldn’t find this exact bag anywhere else but I found a similar one and linked it in the picture above. Apparently Henri Bendel created his signature brown and white striped bag for his clients’ ocean liner voyages. Obviously. But even if you aren’t going on an ocean liner anytime soon, this bag is super cute (stripes are always chic) and it’s roomy for people like me who carry way too much makeup in their purse every day.

IMG_3438 copy
Portable Toothbrush – $19.99 (PopDental)

Jill: I’m not sure why I’m still surprised when Popsugar sends me something awesome and unexpected, but I was delighted to see an electric toothbrush in this month’s box! It’s not half bad either. It comes with a replacement head and battery, it becomes its own travel case, and it boasts 22,000 brush strokes per minute. It’s easy to use and polishes your teeth well, but it does not fit in my toothbrush holder so this will be a great travel item for me.

Lauren: I was laughing when Jill and I saw spoilers of this and we were both SO EXCITED for the toothbrush. I’m not sure I’ve ever been that excited about a toothbrush. And it’s pretty cute. I was hoping it would be good for every day but it’s really better for travel because while it’s powerful, the head is actually pretty small.

Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 – $28 (Supergoop!)

Jill: I’ll admit, I had my doubts about this one. A matte-finish SPF? I called shenanigans, but it turns out you CAN have your makeup cake and eat it too (though that sounds disgusting). I have been all about that BB cream this summer, but balmy products = shiny in the humidity, so I usually brush a little powder on top to keep my face matte all day. This spray eliminates the need for any finishing powder. It’s a light spray that you just spritz on (and it smells like Aveda products… maybe rosemary??) and not only will your skin look flawless, but it provides SPF 50 protection. Love love love this product.

Lauren: I am deferring to Jill on this one because I have not yet had a chance to try this and I fear I will leave this section blank while I hope to go try it and then forget to come back. I will say that these sprays with SPF are a good idea, they just shouldn’t ever replace your sunblock that you should be wearing anyway. I had previously mentioned that I read reviews that this was a mess if you got this spray in your hair and Jill had the same issue. Good product, just make sure your hair is pulled back when you spray! Otherwise, it will be a weird, greasy mess.


Card Case – $28 (Sorial)

Jill: We’ve received Sorial items from Popsugar before (remember this teeny tiny thing?), and I’ve been pretty pleased with their quality. They are durable and slender, great for a night out and for travel. In fact, I recently downsized my purse (they just kept getting bigger and bigger so I had to put a stop to it), so I snipped the chain off the tiny purse above and have been using it as a wallet for the past month or so. have really enjoyed how slim and compact it is. This card case is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for – a small place to stick my essential cards to throw in my much smaller handbag. It came with a $25 gift card (coupon code MUSTHAVE25), which is awesome! Here’s a shot of the back because I like it so much:


Lauren: I’m all about the Party Purse. I have a regular sized purse for the week with all of my Things in it and then I have a smaller cross body Party Purse so I can run around and do things hands-free! Party Purse is very liberating. But it’s important to have your shiz together in Party Purse– no use having your credit cards and license floating around all willy nilly. This card case can also be used for business cards, which I just had made for this very blog!

Signature Greeting Card Set – $14.97 (Hallmark)

Jill: I really hate buying cards. I just never know which one to get. Having this set greatly reduces my stress for the next 3 card-giving events in my life. I believe Popsugar sent out various sets, so I’m curious about which ones Lauren got. These cards are also really nice; they’re the expensive ones I literally never buy.

Lauren: Unlike Jill, I love cards… I always have a pack of notecards on hand but I don’t ever buy the really expensive ones at the store. I love these. The lighting is a little weird in the picture but I wanted to make sure you could see the pineapple card in the middle. It’s 3D! I’m considering keeping it and somehow framing it because I think that would look so cool on a wall in my future desk area. The floral card on the right is more like a mini canvas! It’s actually meant to be hung on the wall. So cool. And last but not least… a beautiful wedding card that came just in time for my best gal’s wedding in a few weeks.

Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes – $5.99 (Yes To)

Jill: I am a serious cleansing cloth junkie. The obsession started when I was in college in NYC where I would carry a pouch around in my bag, collecting moist towelettes whenever the opportunity presented itself. NYC is a germ-riddled place, and I rarely got sick – coincidence? I think not. The quality of the cleansing cloths I use now are way better than the gas station towelettes of my college days, which is why I’m so thrilled whenever I get a great pack in a box. These are makeup-removing and moisturizing, so perfect after a long day when I really just don’t feel like scrubbing my face.

Lauren: I am not quite the wipe aficionado that Jill is but I use wipes every night to remove my eye makeup before I use my regular facial cleanser to wash my face. No matter what the facial wash says, even if it says it should remove eye makeup, I find that doesn’t usually happen. It’s just a two step process. Always will be. Weirdly, I don’t think I had ever tried anything from the Yes To… line so I was excited to start with the Blueberry line. I don’t like to eat blueberries but I like smelling them! And while POPSUGAR lists the price as $5.99, I found them at $4.39! Click the link in the picture or just click here.


Fruit & No-Nut Bar in Chocolate Berry – $1.99 (The Good Bean)

Jill: There’s not a lot to say about this one. It’s a snack bar with chickpeas instead of nuts, so that’s cool. I’m sure it’s delicious, but for me it’s kind of a throwaway add-on for this month.

Lauren: Um, this sounds really gross to me and there is no way I am going to eat it. Blech. Matt will never eat it either. Give me some straight up chocolate, POPSUGAR.

Jill’s Rating: A

Lauren’s Rating: A

Jill: I really love this box. The retail value of this box is $126.94, plus they threw in a $25 gift card, so once again Popsugar offers incredible value. There is not one item that I’m not excited about, which is hard to say about most boxes. Popsugar continues to kill it with the awesomeness.

Lauren: Like Jill, I thought this was a great box. I want organize my purse a bit better so it’s always great to have little bags so you can organize your big bags. I’m also a huge fan of the cards they sent us– these were fancy! Fancier than what I normally buy! And I love the chance to try new facial wipes– these were great. And I was psyched to brush my teeth, which is hilarious.


If you’re interested in checking out Popsugar Must Have (and I highly recommend you do!), use my referral link here! It helps me afford all these boxes that we review for you!

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Jill and Lauren purchased this box, all opinions are their own.
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