It’s FINALLY time for another Popsugar Special Edition box! We all know that Popsugar is the best of the best in the subscription box world; the value is high, the price is low, and the goods are fun. Every quarter Popsugar releases a seasonal special edition box for $100 and it’s crammed with high-end items that are too pricey for the regular $39.99 monthly box. My personal favorite special edition box is the Fall one, each year they get better and better. I am absolutely in love with this one!


Even more fun is that Lauren caved and got her first seasonal SE box this time around! Welcome to the club, girl. We’re going to review this one together because two is better than one! I’m so excited to show you guys what they sent us this time, it’s one of my favorites!

Dauville Coasters in Platinum by Canvas Home – $46
How gorgeous are these??

Canvas Home Dauville Coasters in Platinum NOW $28! 

JILL – I am so in love with these coasters. Handmade, hand-painted, and partially-glazed give these such a modern, sophisticated look. I saw a spoiler for these and had hearts in my eyes for days. They are just my style, I am loving them in my living room!

LAUREN – OMG. I caved and got the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition box at just the right time. These are SO GORGEOUS. And also functional. These are such a beautiful treat that I would never buy for myself but I’m glad I received them. POPSUGAR is like that super thoughtful friend that gives the best gifts. Like these coasters.


Classic Rice Enzyme Powder by Tatcha – $65

Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

JILL – I am down to try any new skin product, and Popsugar always sends really good ones. This one is praised highly for its softening, brightening exfoliation. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am always looking for a new exfoliant, and this one sounds super luxurious. It’s made of rice and papaya enzymes and has pearl in it for conditioning. I’d also like to point out the beautiful packaging. It was wrapped in silk paper, tucked inside a pretty cobalt sliding box, and then put in the actual packaging. I’m a sucker for good presentation for sure.

LAUREN – I have heard such good things about this popular exfoliator! From what I understand, it’s free of any harsh chemicals and because it’s a powder that you mix with water to make an exfoliating paste, it lasts a really long time! I’m totally into that.


Aria Necklace by Deepa Gurnani – $90
The bag was too cute to not include.

Deepa Gurnani Aria Necklace

JILL – This necklace is surprisingly wearable. It’s way sparklier than my camera could capture, and it’s far lighter than you’d think. I’m not one to wear statement necklaces very often, but this one will be a regular. I love its unique double strand look, plus it has an embroidered lining the back to prevent snagging on delicate fabrics. Love it. The oversized jewelry pouch that it comes with is quite large, which is exactly the sort of jewelry pouch I like to travel with!

LAUREN – Unlike Jill, I wear statement necklaces all the time. Basically every day. I love giant, sparkly necklaces. I get most of mine from Baublebar but I love this one! One of my favorite things about statement necklaces is that you can wear them in different ways– like you can easily dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans just as easily as wearing one with a cocktail dress.


Ombre Rouge Eye Palette by BECCA Cosmetics – $40
Ombre Rouge Eye Palette by BECCA Cosmetics – $40

JILL – I’m the first one to say I don’t need ANOTHER eye shadow palette, but I really like this one. It’s the perfect palette to travel with because it has both day and night shades that work with just about any look, plus neutrals are so freaking versatile. The formula is great – the shadows are soft, blend easily, and have serious staying power.

LAUREN – Like Jill, I don’t truly NEED another eye shadow palette but if I was going to get another one, this is a decent one! First, these are all super wearable neutrals and second, they are all matte. This palette can make endless every day looks and the darker brown can easily bring the looks into night. This is one that could be good for travel or even in your desk at work for on-the-go touch ups.


Nailed Lacquer in No Poem by Smith & Cult – $18

Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer

JILL –  I love this color so much. I’m 100% a Julep girl, so I’m always a bit “meh” when I get polish from subscription boxes, but this one was a pleasant surprise. I’m curious to see what color Lauren got, apparently POPSUGAR sent a few different colors out. This one is a pretty stone gray, perfect for Fall!

LAUREN – I’m excited to say I received the same color, which is a relief. I LOVE this color. I can’t get enough of grey nail polish. I can make a very easy 50 shades of grey joke here to describe both my nail polish and t-shirt collections. This is a great color to transition from Summer to Fall as well. As a fun fact, I’m pretty sure the founder of Hard Candy nail polish created the Smith & Cult. (I just checked and that is a fact, I didn’t make it up. So that’s neat!)

Aura Lacquer Valet Tray in Aquamarine by Swing Design – $54

JILL – I was really surprised that Popsugar included TWO home products in this box, usually there’s only one. I mentioned how in love with the coasters I am, but I am equally loving this valet tray. The stained wood is lacquered to a glossy finish and really gives such a traditional item a modern kick.

LAUREN – I could not be more fired up about having multiple home products! If you remember, this was my home office inspiration and this is now my actual desk. So you probably are getting the idea that I like the look of pretty white, clean lines. I truly can’t figure out where I am going to put this and what I am going to put in it but I can’t wait.

Jill’s Final Rating – A+

I am a huge fan of Popsugar’s Special Edition boxes, and this one was no exception. The retail value of this box is $313, which is amazing value. I love Popsugar because they never cheap out on their monthly contents, but you can’t expect everything to be a luxury item in a $40 box each month. The Special Edition boxes are such a great value for someone who feels like splurging a little. The next Special Edition box will be the Winter box, I can’t wait!

Lauren’s Final Rating – A+ 

I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and bought a Special Edition box! This one was everything I wanted from this box and more. I love both of the home products they included and I am just thrilled to have another statement necklace. Can’t stop won’t stop wearing them ERRY DAY. POPSUGAR really is like having the most thoughtful friend buy you neat presents you wouldn’t buy yourself. Except you are technically buying them. But it’s still definitely a fun treat. Jill and I both love these boxes for a reason!

If you’d like to subscribe to Popsugar Must Have (and I recommend it!!), click here for my referral link!


Jill & Lauren

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