I was VERY excited when I found out fashion stylist/designer/editor extraordinaire Rachel Zoe was creating her very own subscription box, Box of Style. I loved her show on Bravo. It. Was Bananas. She would always Shut. It. Down. (Sorry, those are a few Rachel Zoe catch phrases.) I’m also excited about her new show on Lifetime, Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe. I even recently received one of her books for my birthday, Living in Style. I love how she treats fashion as the great love of her life. She treasures it. She worships it. And it’s hard not to find her enthusiasm contagious!

Sorry, I got distracted because I really like Rachel Zoe. So anyway, several months ago, I decided I needed to get the $100/quarter Box of Style containing fashion, beauty and lifestyle products curated by Rachel Zoe herself and her team from The Zoe Report. There were a few problems: the Summer box was sold out, but I was like, that’s fine– I’ll just get the Fall box. But the next day, I had buyer’s remorse. $100 is a lot of money for a box! So I went ahead and canceled it and forgot all about it… till I received a shipping notification for it last week. I couldn’t find where I had been charged for it either, but maybe I didn’t look back far enough. Either way… I obviously wasn’t SUPER disappointed to get a box I wanted in the first place so I wasn’t going to cause a fuss. In fact, I was excited! That said, I don’t think I will be getting this box going forward. (But I think my girl Jeanie is going to review it for us going forward. Yay!)

Let’s check out what I got in the Fall box!

The box itself is a beautiful hard box that is great for re-gifting. The box comes with an info card and all of the items are individually wrapped in black tissue paper. It was a really nice treat to open.

  And here are all the items! All the things! We’ll go into more detail below…

Shashi Noa Rose Gold Ear Climbers ($55): I think by now, everyone knows I love a great earring trend. I have mostly purchased from Baublebar but I realized when I was looking at these earrings that I actually have very few rose gold pairs in my collection. So I am really pleased by these dainty earrings. They aren’t as rose as some other rose gold pieces I’ve seen but the picture doesn’t show their true color either. I am excited to wear these!

Cluse La Bohéme Rose Gold Watch with Dual Straps ($132): When I saw spoilers for this box, this watch was one that I wasn’t super excited about. But when I received the box, I actually really liked this! I thought the two straps would be cheesy but they are both of really good quality and I think they will lose that “flat” look when I start wearing it more. AND I really like that it’s rose gold! I think it will look great with my new boots. 🙂

The Laundress Fabric Fresh Classic ($8): This is one of those products that is nice to have but I won’t be re-buying because while it’s nice, it’s not a must-have. This is a lovely smelling spray that might be nice to spray on clothes or sheets as a nice refresher.

Sloane Stationery Custom Notebook Set ($40): As I mentioned earlier, Rachel Zoe sort of has her own vocabulary and vernacular and these notebooks are personalized with some of her more well known phrases. Shut. It. Down. I always use notebooks at work so these will be put to use very soon! I love them.


One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum ($39): Jill and I actually discovered this product back in April in a POPSUGAR Must Have Box and we have loved it ever since! However… I haven’t loved it enough to spend $39 to buy more, so I have sort of been using it in slow motion so I do not run out. Well, now I can go back to using it regularly again because I have more! Yay! I can’t tell you how great this smells and how smooth this serum makes my skin! I love using it right out of the shower. I will occasionally layer lotion on top of it for extra moisture but it feels so nice on its own and it gives my legs and arms a bit of a sheen. The Boxy Ladies endorse this product.
Topshop Classic Fedora ($48): Which brings us to The Hat. This hat is definitely hilarious. I’m not sure I can ever wear this and feel like a serious person. I am too vain to even show you a picture of how I look in it because either the hat is really big or my head is very small. I just– can’t. This is too much. Though I recently bought a furry vest so my style is evolving. Maybe I will try to wear the hat someday. But that day is not today. I have also developed the stance that hats should not be sent in subscription boxes. They are SO subjective. Not everyone looks good in hats and people should choose their own hats.

Final Grade: A

Wow. I just totaled the value of this box and it is $322! That is an incredible value, even if I paid $100. (Which is still very unclear if I got my money back when I canceled my subscription?) Other than the ridiculous hat, I loved everything in the box! I think the watch might be my favorite thing in the box! But I also love the delicate ear climbers. And the One Love Organics Body Serum. But the notebooks were so cute too! Oh, this was just a great box.

Are you interested in trying out the Box of Style box for yourself? Click here to sign up!

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