I think it’s become clear that I have a problem when it comes to Colourpop Cosmetics. They recently released a collection of 90’s themed shades just in time for Fall. The darker colors remind me of My So-Called Life and plaid shirts and Doc Martens. But they are also surprisingly wearable today.

Each Super Shock Shadow is only $5 and they have a sponge-y half powder/half cream/all magic texture that is unlike any I’ve ever tried from other brands. I seriously haven’t touched my Urban Decay shadows and palettes in months.

Top Row: Boy Band, Plaid, Central Perk; Bottom Row: Mixed Tape, Party Time

The collection also contains Colourpop’s Lippie Stix but I didn’t buy any of those this time around. I did buy this Ultra Matte Lip in Lax which is WAY out of my comfort zone. It’s a deep red that is almost black. I’m still trying to figure out when I can wear it. The shade is definitely not work-friendly but it would make a huge statement. I am considering wearing it to Taylor Swift!

Boy Band, Plaid, Central Perk, Mixed Tape, Party Time

Colourpop describes their shadows in such cool ways, so I have to share their product descriptions but I’ll also share my own thoughts! I tried to make a video like I did before to show you the different dimensions of the shadows but I had technical difficulties.

Boy Band: No one will tell you “Bye, Bye, Bye” in this intense red copper in an Ultra- Metallic finish
Lauren’s thoughts: This shade looks AWESOME with my green eyes. Makes them POP!
Plaid: Meant to worn on the eyes not around your waist, a deep blackened olive in a Matte finish
Lauren’s thoughts: When I initially got this and swatched it, I didn’t think this would be very wearable. But you can see in the look below, it can actually look kind of subtle and cool, especially with a berry lip.
Central Perk: Throw on this dirty maroon in a Matte finish before meeting your friend, Princess Consuela Bananahammock, at your favorite coffee joint.
Lauren’s thoughts: Like Plaid, I wasn’t sure this was going to be super wearable but then I was playing around with it last night and if you don’t go too heavy with it like I did in my swatch, it’s a very wearable olive with golden shimmer. Perfect for a Fall smoky eye. (And don’t forget that berry lip!)
Mixed Tape: Mid-tone cool grey in a Pearlized finish…a shoutout to the best way to proclaim your love in the 90s.
Lauren’s Thoughts: This was one of the shades I was most looking forward to but it’s sooooo subtle. In my picture below, you can hardly tell I’m wearing it. However, this would be very pretty for a natural look.
Party Time: Get the party started in this dusty mauve grey in Matte finish
Lauren’s Thoughts: Definitely darker than Mixed Tape but not as dark as I thought it would be. Might need to continue playing around with it til I can find a good look for Party Time.

Don’t judge my makeup looks– I was playing around at night after I had taken off most of my makeup and my hair wasn’t great. I was surprised how pretty Central Perk was and equally surprised that Mixed Tape hardly showed up.

Wearing Central Perk
Wearing Mixed Tape

Even if a color isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, each Colourpop shadow is only $5 so it’s fun to experiment since the risk isn’t too high. I bought several colors that are definitely out of my regular wheelhouse and I’m surprised how great they look on me. (Modesty is for the birds.)

I also introduced my mom to Colourpop because I had a few matte brown shadows that weren’t working out for me and she loves them because they don’t crease on her older (and wiser!) eyelid skin. I always use a primer when I wear them but she’s been having great luck with no primer, so to each her own.

Have you bought any fun Colourpop shadows lately? Which of these shadows are your fave?


Purchased; All opinions are my own  

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